I have also seen this anomaly. I have noticed that it occurs sometimes after
placing a relatively large part on the schematic where the ref designator
and part type are separated by a great distance. If I place a smaller part
whether my own or a Protel library part, the two text items seem to get
stuck in the last positions of the former part placement. I simply rotate
the part I'm placing with the spacebar and both the ref designator and part
type switch back close to the part I'm currently placing. See if this works
for you.
Hope this helps.

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i wanted to add a bit to this post.  when i click on the
other part on the schematic thats not giving me a problem
and get the select option for the chip that is about 10 
miles away from it, and select the chip thats far away,
the graphical attributes show x and y coordinates for over
where the part is, and not anything close to where i'm
clicking, so i'm even further confused.

thanks again, miker

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From: Robison Michael R CNIN [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 10:42 AM
To: 'Protel EDA Forum'
Subject: [PEDA] library orientation of designators and types ??


i created a component in a library and when i place it
on the schematic, the part designator and type are way
off where they don't belong.  i've got other components
that are fine, but i can't find the difference and i
can't figure out how to adjust the default locations for
these fields in the component library.

i looked in the library under description, which has text
fields nomenclature, but no coordinate options.  i compared
the component coordinates in the library of a component 
that works fine with the misbehaving one, and couldn't find
any notable differences.

thank you, miker 

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