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>[...]In any case, does anybody have an early Windows based version that 
>they would like to sell?  Something close to the old 1.61 I had so I can 
>at keep running without having to learn too much and without spending $4000.

Others have given possible solutions to the Autotrax problem of this user, 
my comment here is about the issue of Autotrax licenses.

Altium has stated that they consider that upgraded licenses travel with the 
older license. I.e., they have claimed that if you give away or sell your 
older, upgraded license, you have given away or sold your new license. 
While it might be difficult to enforce (i.e., I'd think Altium might have 
trouble suing for copyright infringement or having someone prosecuted for 
such if one sold an older license and kept the newer) you might very well 
be setting up a situation where Altium would refuse to give an upgrade 
discount. To my knowledge, they are under no legal obligation to give such 
discounts, though obviously if they generally charged the same for a new 
license as for an upgrade to it, they'd face a user revolt and/or loss of 

Note that this user wants to avoid spending $4000, not $8000. I can 
certainly understand.

But the $4000 figure is what an upgrade costs for an older Protel user 
(everything before Protel 98, if I am correct). That means that the older 
license, if it has not been used for upgrade, would save someone who buys 
it up to $4000, depending on current specials being offered. Such an older 
license is worth *at least* $1000, that's what I'd offer for it, and I'd 
expect to make money reselling....

Helping an older license user recover a damaged file, though, should not be 
a problem.

BTW, what I think of when trying to run these older DOS licenses is video 
drivers. Sometimes the old video drivers were card-specific, and they could 
very well be a problem. I know that with Tango DOS it is generally 
necessary to used a patched driver instead of what what was supplied 
originally, to get it to run under W9X and later.

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