One of the ladeos here told me of a story of 'holy' RAM. The RAM passed an
intensive boot test, but still the machine was weak in the knees. We both
know Protel is a CPU hog; this pushes bandwidth requirements to the limit.
Other apps do not necessarily do this. Another hardware riddle I have hear
of is with respect to bad sector creep in HD's. Once it starts, it
propagates. The final solution is to use Partition Magic to quarantine the

As a side issue, my early experiences with a corrupt NT installation saw
overlays and associated registry washing a task taken to pruning a fruitless
tree. Nailing the disk to a factory state and starting over may be a
regretful, but final, solution.

My machine is rock solid. It's a P on the floor, W2K, 512 set up. If you
need another designer check on DDB corruption issue, I would be happy to
help out. My off-line address is below. All the best.


Fabian Hartery
Research Engineer, B. Eng (Electrical)

Guigne International Limited
63 Thorburn Road
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
tel: 709-738-4070
fax: 709-738-4093


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