Regarding this discussion, I too will add my voice to those who feel
upgrading to DXP and ATS is not a worthy investment at this point. I would
have been much happier if the software had remained much the same as 99SE,
but with greater functionality. Instead of building a whole new interface,
it would be so much easier (and less expensive) if, for instance, Protel
programmers had left the design rules dialogs as they were, but just
increased the scope of filtering. Why we need to change all the basics of
selecting objects, backing up files, global editing, etc. is beyond me. This
is not something the customers were asking for. Many of those features that
worked just fine in 99SE have been tampered with, altered, or outright
destroyed in DXP. I smell a smoking gun, and see a Protel business manager
jumping about frantically holding his wounded foot. I suggest Protel
consider holding a customer think tank meeting, where several Protel experts
(customers) are gathered into one room for a day or two to hammer out
details on how the software should best work for customer requirements. The
results would be a useful tool that captures ever greater portions of the
EDA market share. On the other hand it appears as though some marketing
managers and accountants at Protel met together and decided to give a new
name to the company, mess up the product, and try and sell it to their
unsuspecting customers for double the price. I for one, have advised my
manager that we should hold off for another 12 months before considering
upgrading. Hopefully by that time we shall see substantial improvements and
a reasonable price.



many of them will join us, they just keep it quiet. It would be probably
better from our users' point of view if more people voiced their opinion.
That would hopefully let them understand we are serious when we say 'We are
not buying this anymore'.

I've been told by my boss that for what Altium are offering with ATS it's
just not going to happen here. DXP is way out of the question.

It's a pity that more people wont jump on this bandwagon. They'll just keep
forking out hard earned money for defective software.


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