Just my 2c worth on this.  I guess it all depends on what you want.

If you are building from scratch,  I'd look at:

- Antec for the case and power supply. ( 
http://www.antec-inc.com/en_perf_plushome.html )
(A hefty 400-430W power supply and lots of case fans to help keep things
cool and reliable.  Have a look at their SOHO line)

- Asus, Abit (or Intel) for motherboards.

I think that if a system board has been shown to run reliably at some
percentage over it's specified clock speed,  that is an indication of how
reliable the system is going to be at it's (lower) rated normal speed.  Reliability
seems key here,  so I'd not completely dismiss a gamer's
"overclocking" review,  for this reason.

(ok, ok,  so I play some Descent in my spare time,  but I don't overclock!!)

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>> >
>> > I would guess that your money on Protel would go the furthest
>> > with a lower
>> > cost motherboard and LOTS of memory and plenty of display
>> > space.  Cut those
>> > pans.  dual display?? triple display ??matrox g550 is working
>> > nicely here
>> > on 2 diplays.
>> The above is poor advise. In fact, it is the definition of poor advise. No
>> offense intended, but the motherboard is just about the most important
>> component in a computer workstation, and definitely not the kind of
>> component that should be offed to the "golly, them don't matter much'n,
>> anyways" category in a technical venue such as this, by technical
>> professionals like the average PEDA subscriber. If a consumer is about to
>> plunk down eight thousand dollars or so (US) on a niche market program like
>> Protel EDA, (or if the consumer already has...) and the consumer expects to
>> be productive, maximize profits, and minimize headaches and downtime, then
>> the consumer had better think long and hard before subscribing to the
>> WalMart Computing model, especially when it comes to critical components
>> like the motherboard. It is not unreasonable to expect that the user should
>> consider a cost of around $2500-3000 for the entire system (monitor
>> included), if he/she specifies the components and takes the time to get fair
>> price, perhaps 25% more if the task is delegated to a trust-worthy
>> "middle-man" operation. It should not be surprising either to accept that a
>> decent motherboard is going to cost you somewhere around $200-300 (US) (and
>> up)
>> Http://www.Supermicro.com is one area that Brian might want to investigate,
>> if Brain is interested in performance-level multi-processor motherboards.
>> Not a company poo-hooed by the gamer set, I know, because their designs
>> aren't all that friendly to over-clocking geeks, but then, as professional
>> engineers, PCB designers, and the like, most of us don't really have time to
>> be pissing around with such trivial and tertiary pursuits at work anyway...
>> 2p+,
>> aj

BG> Finally,

BG>     The first post here that makes some real sense.  I have a serious contract to 
work on.  Tony was right ->(You must have quoted
BG> someone a flat rate on a big job??? :))<  I did.  I do not wish to be late on the 
job, or, cut corners to save time.  Repeat
BG> business here
BG> would be a big + to my bank account. :)

BG>     This is not the first time I had a contract to re-do an existing PCBs because 
of a sloppy, auto-routed design that was plagued
BG> with manufacturing & odd functional problems which differed from board to board.

BG>     Impressed with my existing manual layout work, I've been contracted to manual 
re-route a huge board.  Personally, this is not my
BG> favorite
BG> type of work, but, the $$$ I'll be making is well worth a professional system 
which should glide through all of the aspects of the
BG> PCB design.

BG>     It's sad however, If Protel were to fix the auto-pan, I mean, really do it 
properly, I might be tempted to work with my existing
BG> Dual 1GHz system, but, system performance affects many other things like, 
re-building polygons, DRC, push & shove routing,
BG> auto-backups, and ect...

BG> ____________
BG> Brian Guralnick
BG> Voice (514) 624-4003
BG> Fax (514) 624-3631

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