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> As others have told you, there are reasons some programs misbehave
> are not the root cause.

You really havn't understood all of the posts to this thread, have you?

> You are so adamant about "Protel being the problem." I found it funny
> several people showed you real world examples of how it's possible you
> wrong and yet you still refuse to accept the notion that it might be
> mouse driver.

I can accept that it is the Mouse Driver, but what you and a few others
to want to allow for or admit is that the problem is due to the fact
Protel can't properly interface to the mouse driver.

Several others in this forum have pointed this out and have accepted
this as
the real problem.

You, and a few others, still refuse to address and answer the basic
of why does Protel and only Protel crash with the Intellimouse driver?

Just answer that simple question - don't avoid it - don't complicate it
don't hide behind something else - don't make irrelevant accusations -
answer the simple question.

Why does Protel and only Protel crash with the Intellimouse driver?

Nobody appears to want to answer that question, because the answer is

You point out that I am "so adamant about "Protel being the problem." ",
which I will acknowledge, and I have given the reasons here several
but they seem to get overlooked or ignored by you and a few others, so I
will point the primary reason out once again so that you can ignore it
again. - Even though the newer Intellimouse drivers seem not cause the
Keyboard Lockout Problem, there still appears to still be a possible
connection with the Intellimouse drivers, even the newer ones, and the
unexplained system crashes that still get reported here in this forum
one seems to want to address this statement either).

I will keep pointing out the problem, and pointing the finger at Protel,
until some qualified programmer from Protel addresses the question and
convinces me that he has examined the relevant code and can
state that there is no association between Protel's continued crashing
any mouse driver whatsoever.

There appears that there are many qualified programmers here in this
and I find it very interesting that at least a few of them appear to
sided with me on this issue, or at least at a minimum sided against

I guess the questions that I might ask you Tony, are: Are you really
qualified as a programmer to say that it is not the way in which Protel
handling the Mouse Driver? Are you really qualified as a programmer to
that it has nothing to do with the unexplained system crashes that some
people are still having?

> I'm sure DXP will give you lots of fuel.
> Have a good one,
> Tony

I don't want lots of fuel Tony, I just want a functioning EDA Software
Application that will allow me to properly design and layout a PCB
all of the problems and hassels.


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