Maybe I'd be happier if they just added a check box (or boxes) somewhere which would
hide any not yet known stable and debugged code from user sight,  (ie Alpha/Beta code).
This way I don't accidently stumble into an unstable area,  and cause problems
for myself.

On the other hand,  if I want a look at some new Alpha/Beta feature,  I can
check the box and allow the new functions and features to be enabled,
and explore them,  proceeding with the appropriate caution.

This way, the user knows what is (supposed to be) solid,  and what isn't.
The menus item should remain but be "Grayed out".

This would also let people know which features are new,  and where to focus
the beta testing efforts.

This might also help in debugging problems.  Having the ability to
"turn off" large sections of the code,  a problem will be isolated to a
general area more quickly.


TK> Fred, I wasn't defending the practice of people shipping buggy software.
TK> I was merely pointing out it happens a lot and I don't think it merits
TK> the talk about "...violates the ethic of..." What, are you going to sue
TK> them? Read the EULA. Read any EULA. The most you'll get is your money
TK> back for the product, but you'd probably have a hard time with that if
TK> you've worked with it for years and have successfully churned out
TK> boards.

>> Only the PRE-RELEASE software is sold discounted to customers 
>> who are made fully aware of "known bugs". The price increases 
>> as the product improves. The final "proven" package is sold 
>> at market price. Those who bear the burden of  early 
>> financial exposure plus helping test and develop buggy 
>> software benefit by getting the "proven" package at no 
>> additional cost. The ethics issue becomes moot. Altium 
>> maintains a cash flow that increases as the product is 
>> improved. Those who wait for the final release and buy at 
>> market price get a "proven" package. I think Altium would be 
>> motivated and is up to delivering the goods. Win-win-win-win!

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