I just visited the Altium website and can't seem to find any information on
ATS costs or what the penalties will be if it is not continued.  What I have
concluded from posts here and sources at Protel, the current upgrade cost of
$1995.00 and future ATS cost of $1495.00 per year, is that the penalty would
seem to be $500.00.  It also seems that all P99SE licenses purchased prior
to October 1st, 2001 are being assessed this penalty as they weren't
automatically converted into the ATS program.  The following is what I read
on Altium's website:

Current Protel 99 SE Customers: All Protel 99 SE customers who have
purchased prior to October 1st, 2001 will continue to receive technical
support, libraries, and any new service packs and add-ons for Protel 99 SE
as part of their license. ATS membership cannot be purchased on existing
Protel 99 SE licenses.

I think I understand this now.  Not happy about it, but I think my
assumptions are correct.

While I don't like ATS, it would certainly be easier to see a value in it if
DXP would have been the revolutionary change Altium was claiming.   While
there are several interface changes and several new features (several
omitted features too), basically it is still the same software just
repackaged with a new interface.  I guess one could argue that the
multi-channel capability is a major improvement, but from I have been
reading in PEDA posts, it is still quite buggy and not ready for prime-time.
I have looked at Situs and I do not see the revolutionary improvement there
either.  Hopefully someone who can take more time to put it to the task will
prove me wrong.  I am finding it hard to see what value ATS will bring that
we didn't have before.  Just a major price increase is all I can see at the
moment concerning PCB and SCH.


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Subject: Re: [PEDA] DXP - Crunch time?

> I feel that ATS has and will further damage the adoption of DXP even more
> than the software bugs.  While I would not be happy if I paid for the DXP
> upgrade and couldn't use the software for some time, I would be assured
> it would eventually be fixed free of charge.  That is no longer the case
> with the new policy.  So I will not have DXP running until it is fixed and
> therefore will not be able to contribute to any further bug reports.  I
> think Altium should provide bug fixes free of charge outside of ATS and
> perhaps only provide new features and direct tech support with ATS.  If
> new features are worthwhile, it might prompt someone to activate ATS.  I
> also not too happy with paying such a high ATS cost knowing it is
> other modules that I will never use.
> I have recently heard a rumor from a source at Protel (only a rumor at
> point) that a penalty might be assessed to those who don't keep their ATS
> to date.  It seems that even people at Altium are unsure of what the
> of ATS is.  I will have to visit the Altium website soon and see if there
> any information posted with regards to the ATS policy.  My current
> understanding has been that ATS is not mandatory, but without it, you will
> not get any bug fixes after a year from the initial upgrade.  Perhaps
> someone in the know on this list could further clarify to avoid any
> confusion on what will happen if ATS is not kept up to date.
> Rob
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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] DXP - Crunch time?
> > I personally have a hunch that they will address all these complaints
> > very quickly. They overall spin of DXP has been so bad, I think it's
> > scary from their point of view and if it were me running the show I'd be
> > listening very closely to this group.
> >
> > I see lots of great ideas in DXP mixed with several areas of poor
> > implementation. I think a lot of the complaints here are generated
> > because DXP was released too early. If they had waited until SP1 or SP2
> > (whatever changes and fixes those will bring) I think the initial
> > comments would have been much more positive.
> >
> > Altium has the ability to make pretty big changes quickly. (as seen in
> > recent times by many of us) Maybe their new development environment will
> > allow them to address these complaints far faster than previously seen
> > with P99SE.
> >
> > As far as Tsien's s/w: It looked to me like you could only lease it on
> > an annual basis. Yes, it's cheap at roughly $400/year, but if you stop
> > paying, does the dongle (which I HATE) timeout? Probably. No thanks.
> >
> > Also, the support is almost void and the support page was last updated
> > over three years ago. Not a good sign.
> >
> >
> >
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