> [About Tsien] Also, the support is almost void and the support page was
last updated
> over three years ago. Not a good sign.

What is going to be Altium's support webpage policy with ATS?  Will there be
searchable support FAQs, downloadable patches, and such?  Will they be
available by ATS subscription only, or to all website visitors?

I have seen several examples of web-based support that was only available if
you had an active annual support contract.  Frankly, those sucked.   A
credit card merchant software package comes to mind.

Another example I have seen didn't require a support contract, but you still
had to have a login name and password to submit a request to the support
department.  When they felt like it (2 months later), they would respond
with an answer to a question you did not ask.  And no bug fixes,
workarounds, or errata were viewable on the website - it was just a browser
form.  You just crossed your fingers and hoped they looked up the right
issue for you.  I am referring to Zilog, of course.

I think support issues should be posted free of charge on the website for
all to see.  That's what we do.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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Subject: Re: [PEDA] DXP - Crunch time?

> I personally have a hunch that they will address all these complaints
> very quickly. They overall spin of DXP has been so bad, I think it's
> scary from their point of view and if it were me running the show I'd be
> listening very closely to this group.
> I see lots of great ideas in DXP mixed with several areas of poor
> implementation. I think a lot of the complaints here are generated
> because DXP was released too early. If they had waited until SP1 or SP2
> (whatever changes and fixes those will bring) I think the initial
> comments would have been much more positive.
> Altium has the ability to make pretty big changes quickly. (as seen in
> recent times by many of us) Maybe their new development environment will
> allow them to address these complaints far faster than previously seen
> with P99SE.
> As far as Tsien's s/w: It looked to me like you could only lease it on
> an annual basis. Yes, it's cheap at roughly $400/year, but if you stop
> paying, does the dongle (which I HATE) timeout? Probably. No thanks.
> Also, the support is almost void and the support page was last updated
> over three years ago. Not a good sign.

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