Based on the reports submitted to the Forum (see TK below), the DXP Demo is
not ready for formal release, but seems meant to serve as an extension of
the Beta Cycle. I wonder if this violates the ethic of not exploiting
customers by allowing known bugs into a formally released package. At the
very least, Altium should recognize customer exploitation not as creative,
but rather, destructive marketing.

I know of a CAD developer who offered the PRE-RELEASE version of his latest
3-D software (probably at the same development stage as the current DXP) at
a DEEP DISCOUNT. Everyone knew they were, in effect, not only helping to
finish the development of the software, but also providing the developer
with needed cash flow. Their reward at the end of the line was the final
solid full RELEASED PACKAGE at no additional cost. It seems to me that this
is a win-win situation.

Now I wonder what would happen if the DXP package currently under
development were offered at $400 to current users and $1600 to new users who
buy it now with full knowledge of existing bugs and who are guaranteed the
solid, fully debugged "final" package at no additional cost. The price would
increase with each SUCCESSFUL "service pack" until the package was deemed
SOLID, and then it would be sold at full price.

So far as ATS goes, well..... ATS should simply go..... away!

Fred A Rupinski

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> I personally have a hunch that they will address all these complaints
> very quickly. They overall spin of DXP has been so bad, I think it's
> scary from their point of view and if it were me running the show I'd be
> listening very closely to this group.
> I see lots of great ideas in DXP mixed with several areas of poor
> implementation. I think a lot of the complaints here are generated
> because DXP was released too early. If they had waited until SP1 or SP2
> (whatever changes and fixes those will bring) I think the initial
> comments would have been much more positive.
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