"...and while many of those "bugs" were in fact addressed and fixed,
there were always a few that had been reported by virtually every
customer, that were never addressed or fixed."

You should pat yourself on the back...with a club. So it seems to me
that this guy was trying to fix the bugs and you found the best thing to
do was threaten him with a "breach of contract" lawsuit? Great. So the
guy runs scared and throws in the towel. Now you've got yourself some
expensive software that's "really neat" and no one to fix it, ever.
Smart move.

And do you think once the gov't was involved that he really tried to do
the work properly under those conditions? Doubtful. Enron and WorldCom
have nothing to do with the guy you buried or with Protel.  Unlike the
two big companies that were hiding the fact they were cooking the books
to the extreme, the bugs in Protel are there in your face. It doesn't
take long to find them, and you CAN return the s/w if it isn't suitable.
Go buy someone else's software if you don't like Protel. There are
plenty of other vendors and the people on this list aren't afraid to
indicate what is better and what is worse. 

You don't seem too savvy when it comes to relating to people and trying
to get what you want from them with motivation and personal connection.
Maybe you are, but you certainly don't portray it in this forum.

My wife is amazed at how much free or discounted stuff I get from all
sorts of people and companies. It has nothing to do with begging or
threatening, or any other manipulating maneuvers. It has to do with
making a connection and having a great conversation with a total
stranger. Once you connect with someone, you can get things to happen
where they would normally not happen. (You know, it's sort of like

Yes, read your statement that you "...DON'T WANT TO SUE THEM!"  Great,
now be constructive and point out the bugs and pressure them to be fixed
by not buying the upgrades. Ask for a new 30 day trial and a list of
bugs fixed for each service pack if you really want to help while
retaining your cash. Yes, you will be possibly testing for them by using
the 30 day trial repeatedly, but if your goal is to make DXP better or
the best, that's a small price to pay, isn't it? Once it's to your
satisfaction, then buy ATS or whatever. You hold back your cash and that
motivates Altium to make DXP better and better until you're willing to
cut loose with your money, because that's what they need, right?

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