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> On 02:36 PM 10/09/2002 -0700, JaMi Smith said:
> >Protel / Altium is in trouble.
> >
> >That is obvious.
> You are making wild statements and they help no-one.


I respectfully beg to differ with you.

I respectfully submit that while I will agree that my response to some
Protel 99SE screw up while I am working on my system, may in fact be "wild",
but I do no think that any of the actual "statements" that I have made about
Protel / Altium, or Protel 99 SE, here in this forum, or specifically in the
post that you are replying to, can be said to fall into that category.

Respecting the specific statement that you cite above, I respectfully submit
that there is nothing "wild" about it, and I further respectfully submit
that it seems to be fairly obvious to anyone who has been monitoring the DXP
forum, or participating in it as you have, and seen any of the monumental
attitude changes, or any of the scrambling to make people happy, or any of
the turnarounds on specific stances that have been postured, or even simply
the attentiveness, all by the Altium personnel there, from the CEO on down,
that that, in and of itself, reflects that they themselves appear to think
that they are in trouble.

I further respectfully submit that there seems to be a lot of consensus on
the belief in the statement that "Protel / Altium is in trouble".

It is not just me that thinks that, and I am not the source of that idea

As to whether or not my statements are helping anyone or not, I really do
believe that at an absolute minimum, they are in fact helping to let Protel
/ Altuim that they really are accountable to their customers and users and
that they really do have a responsibility to us that they cannot ignore.

Whether or not they are of any help beyond that, is open for question, and
still remains to be seen.

I would additionally point out that a number of people in this form seem to
have agreed with a number of statements that I have made here in this forum

Some have agreed specifically. Some have agreed conditionally. And some have
agreed some by acquescience.

While I certrainly would not take that to mean that anyone agrees with
everything that I say, or even most of what I have to say, I have tried to
be responsible in what I have said here in the forum, and I stand by the my
statement above that I do not consider that any of my statements regarding
Protel / Altium themselves either "wild" or otherwise out of line.

Thanks for your response and comments,


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