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> Jami wrote
> >That is why I have floated several different proposals here in this
> ranging from SP7, to free upgrades to DXP (without ATS) for all who bought
> into Protel 99 SE at its current level due to the fact that it actually
> have problems and these people have never received any support at all.
> These proposals have met with a lot of support, even from you.>
> What the hell are you talking  about .  I read every one your
> proposals.....you arent an Altium employee and certainly not top level
> management at Altium so I doubt if the chances for SP7 are any better
> than they were a year ago.    . . .

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the current level of customer
dissatisfaction both with ATS and DXP, not to mention Protel 99 SE, weighs
very very heavily right now on all of Protel / Altiums top executives and
employees, and further, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that every
word of every thread that has passed thru this forum in the past few weeks
has been very carefully read and is in fact being very carefully considered
by all of Protel / Altiums top executives and employees as we speak.

Protel / Altium is in trouble.

That is obvious.

They are racing against time with DXP for many reason already discussed

That is obvious.

They are on the verge of loosing not only a lot of current and also future

That is obvious

You don't think that Protel / Altium is looking to pull a rabbit out of a
hat, and looking for some real magic answers and real magic solutions to
some of these problems? (rhetorical)

>                                            . . .     I really hate to say
this but I am  sure
> Altium's marketing knew ( or should have have known)  the  risks  with
> current users  releasing  DXP.     Legal enforcement of buggy software is
> probably impossible, because all software has bugs now.  It is an accepted
> practice as shameful as it is.  You choices  are like mine, dont purchase
> recommend a purchase. That hits Nick's parachute where it hurts the most,
> by depreciating stock value.    It hurts my investment also, because Im a
> stock holder.

I am sure that they knew some of it, and I am sure that the were willing to
take a certain amount of risk.

But I think that they may have misjudged what they were getting in for.

I also think that they never thought it would get this far out of hand and
get this bad.

Thanks for your input and participation,


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