On 02:48 AM 10/09/2002 -0700, Tony Karavidas said:
>Hi Jami,
> > Please remember that long before I joined this forum, you,
> > and many of the other major players here have had a very long
> > time to "relate" to Altium and "motivate" them with that
> > "personal connection", and we are still at SP6, and all you
> > have gotten from Altium is the "opportunity" to pay for "ATS"
> > and buy a lottery ticket called DXP that may or may not ever produce.
>Not quite true. Several people were picked as beta testers for unknown
>reasons, I happen to be one of them. One thing that I (and many others)
>got out of it was to be able to voice our opinions directly to the
>development team and have them make changes to DXP in direct
>relationship to what we were saying! That is pretty powerful. There were
>some big changes that happened in that period and it was because some
>user's ideas were better than the developer's ideas. I think that's
>pretty darn cool.


I gotta step in here.

Jami you should compare the changes in P99 to P99SE.  These changes were 
achieved largely by careful considered discussion on this forum and some 
efforts by some users to present polls and collate the results.  Others may 
like to document this history if required.

They were not achieved by the rants and raves that many of us (me very much 
included) had engaged in prior.

The efforts by users to engage Protel (as it was) rather than fight proved 
to be much more successful and may have been part of the support sea-change 
in Protel that was observed in the period between late P98 and P99SE 
SP6.  We are in danger of loosing this engagement - at least on this 
list.  The forum members here can make a call as to the current SNR of this 

You may think this is going soft on Altium - so be it. I see it as a 
cooperative method of helping the company I currently rely on to operate my 

Personally - I think I am having a better chance of achieving change with 
the sort of discussion underway on the DXP forum than the degenerating 
flailing of this list.

Would I like SP7 for P99SE - sure would.

Ian Wilson

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