agree with you. I just thouhgt it would work, as it works for the pads with no nets. 
But it doesn't work. Our pcb shop does it automatically for single layer boards, and 
we use multilayer pads.


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        one warning, making top layer pads with a drill has it's own error.
We have done this for years and if the pad is top layer only (not a
multilayer with the bottom turned off) then there is a problem with drill
information. I forget the specifics but I believe that a drill drawing does
not show the drill symbol on pads that are top layer only. I cursed and
swore when this one bit me ages ago but others on the list just thought I
was nuts to specify what they called a SMD pad with a drill.

        The only work-around is to use a multilayer pad with the bottom
layer turned off (0 size). Then you do get the warnings of the unplated
pads. As well you will get unrouted errors just because the unplated pad may
be interrupting a signal path and Protel doesn't have the smarts to figure
out if it is really an open or not.

        As for the shop's request, how do they know which pads are unplated
if it is not specified? Without it being specified in the pad configuration
then the drill file would not differentiate them from plated holes of the
same size. The shop would have to hunt for the unplated pads by comparing a
drill symbol drawing and sort out the coordinates of those unplated holes.
Not to mention the possibility that someone just screws up because the drill
report file says they are plated and they are drilled during initial drill
instead of as a second drill operation.

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> Just make them Top Layer pads.
> Igor

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