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> At 01:56 PM 9/24/2002 -0700, JaMi Smith wrote:
> >All of the following questions are based on the following premise: I have
> >Gerber files of an old design that I want to import into P99SE or DXP,
> >notwithstanding the initial problems that I may have getting the files
> >imported, lets assume as a starting point that I have all of the
> >primatives imported on to their appropriate layers.
> Batch Gerber import automatically selects the proper layer. more or less.
> >  Another way to look at
> >this would be take a completed design done in P99SE or DXP, and delete
> >schematic, release all of the primitaves of all of the components, and
> >all of the nets, etc., etc., etc... What I now have as a starting point
> >all of the following questions is a design full of primitives on
> >"copper" layers, and other primatives on other types of layers such as
> >mask, paste, overlay, etc., etc., etc., but now all of these primatives
> >basic, simple, standalone, isolated, and untrelated, to each other, in
> >manner other than their actual placement and individual size and shape.
> >
> >Question 1. Will Protel 99 SE, or Protel DXP, or any other EDA System for
> >that matter,
> >
> >Question 1. Will Protel 99 SE, or Protel DXP, or any other EDA System for
> >that matter,
> Having a bad day, JaMi? ....
> Basic process for recovering a design from gerber:
> Import the gerbers, batch.
> Select and convert the flashed pads for a component into the appropriate
> kind of final pad. You may need some utility to import the holes, or you
> can manually assign holes if necessary. It won't be for SMT components.
> Hole data can come from a drill tape, for manual use a drill drawing is
> fine. You'll appreciate it at this point if the designer outputted hole
> sizes instead of symbols or letter codes. But rarely will this be true. I
> had a Tango utility that imported a drill file into a PCB file and
> converted surface pads to through pads with the correct hole. That could
> probably be modified to work with Protel....
> Make a library part from those pads. Include the appropriate silkscreen
> lines, etc. (Use copy and past to take the primitives into the library.)
> you have a part list from the old board, you might be able to use the old
> footprints. If you have a pick and place file from the old board, you
> be able to automatically place the footprints, there is a way using Place
> from File. But I'll assume you don't have that data. Be sure to give the
> footprint pads correct designators.
> So you will have to manually place all the footprints. Before placing
> move all the pads for the layer on which you are working to a mech layer.
> That way you can see them, but it will be easy to delete them when you
> placed the footprints. You can use snap if you set things up right, and
> exact placement easily.
> Select and globally edit all via pads to have the appropriate hole size
> then use the Convert tool to convert them to actual vias.
> At this point you can create a net list. If you have a net list from the
> old board, consider yourself fortunate, you may be able to compare them.
> Move the refdes information (usually on the silkscreen plot) to a mech
> layer and move the footprint refdesignators to matching positions. Delete
> the original plot designators.
> Yes, it's tedious. Parts of it could be susceptible to automation. Parts
> are just plain tedious. Nevertheless, this process should be less
> time-consuming than a new design. A little less.
> I have not given all the details.

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