This is somewhat related, I did see the exact same thing happen to
another designer here an dwas not involved enough to determine
what had happened, but just some nets had connectivity
problems and also it put parts off the design area on first
update PCB. He also had a few crashes too. I suggested starting
over with clean coppy of schematic and eventually got it
to run. (Note this was a schematic imported from Orcad)
so we could start over, none the less the sam ethings you
are talking about happened.

Now to the main part I want to add. I have seen the update
function be VERY inconsistant. I have run ERC and come out clean
only to have connectivity still be wrong. I have used all 3 of the
net control functions to test out what happens. Also with nets and ports
global I have seen only some nets connect properly. By this I mean
I have sheet ports on the net but no net names, no wone would think
that alll of th enets this way would not connect all parts but only
some are wrong. If I add a net label also to the net it works.
Now I have seen nothing different but there are plenty of other
nets that do not have a net lable an djust the port and thet
connect correctly????? Also if I use just ports fo rglobal
one would think only the ports with the same name will connnect
wrong there also only sone need the net label added also????
All I know is I have the Engineer spit out a Protel2 netlist from
Orcad schematic and I output one once I think I have it right
and run the netlist compare. That has been th eonly real
test I have connectivity correct. Because like I said
ERC does not do it. The netlist can still break up a net
on you. The netlist still says NET1 2 or 3 times but
each entry for th esame netname of NET1 are not
connected to each other.

I have considered going to netlist bu tth eengineer
make too many mistakes on his end and seems to like the
extra netlist compare check????? So I am stuck
dealing with Protels very poor sync function.
Sorry I don't have an answer to correct the problem
but just saying I been there too.
If you can start over from a clean copy of the schematic
that may help?
Bob Wolfe

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Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 9:30 PM
Subject: Re: [PEDA] P99SE SP6 Problem with Update PCB generating duplicate
nets or ot her errors.

> Hi Dennis,
> as for your question, yes you can destroy the handles by saving the
> PCB as ASCII, exporting, re-importing. Viola, the handles are removed,
> destroyed, deleted. Delete the other non-ASCII PCB files of course.
> I haven't tried the netlist load yet, I was trying to find an issue
> in the schematic end that would correct the problem. Tried several things
> the schematic without success. I can't figure out why it is just 14 nets,
> there are probably 50 nets being used under the exact same conditions as
> these 14. I have run this about 10 times so far and several 2nd or third
> updates and the results are very consistent, the very same 14 nets every
> time. 2nd or 3rd updates do the infamous vacillating the nets back and
> between the duplicate nets upon every successive update.
> I was about to try the netlist load just as your message came in.
> Sincerely,
> Brad Velander.
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> > -----Original Message-----
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> > To: Protel EDA Forum
> > Subject: Re: [PEDA] P99SE SP6 Problem with Update PCB generating
> > duplicate nets or ot her errors.
> >
> >
> > i don't know but i will say that i am very much a latecomer to using
> > update PCB
> > it does seem pretty cool, but i got a few spooky things just like this
> > and went back to the old netlist load
> >
> > the board wasn't huge
> >
> > is there a way to destroy the handles it creates ?
> > (or maybe that doesn't matter) the thought i am trying to promote here
> > is what about going back to the old netlist load?
> >
> > Dennis Saputelli
> >
> >

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