Thanks for responding.  I see several responses but yours is
the first, Brad, so I'll answer what I can and then I have a
meeting and will be back in a couple hours.

I do have the compress utility activated.  I meant to say
that in the first post but forgot.  Also, I'm running Windows
2000 and Protel 99SE with the latest service pack.  The 
previous database was slightly over a GB.  However, I would
again note that after trashing many huge mechanical layers
in order to save it now, I believe the file size it's trying
to save is probably a quarter of that size.  

Personally, I think it's filled up something dynamically and
no amount of simple paring away is going to fix it now that
it's hit the overflow button.

The DDB has a modest 6 page schematic, and I think I have 
about 4 different versions of the PCB in it.  A very small
component and footprint library and that's it.  The board
is 12 layers, and really pretty modest, just a few connectors
and maybe 600 traces that would break down to maybe 4000
trace segments (does that make sense?  I'm not very good at
the terminology, but I've noticed that every time you turn
a corner on a trace, it creates a new section.  I learned
that when I was messing with the guard traces and trying to
assign nets to them.)

Thanks, miker

        sounds like either you still don't have the compress on close turned
on, or possibly at a database size that big the compress function starts to
fail. I might suggest that you try running the repair facility on a copy of
the DDB see what that does.
        How big is the DDB file? What have you got inside the DDB, besides
this board you were working on? How big is this board (size, layers,
component, net counts)?

Brad Velander.

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 7:22 AM
> To: 'Protel EDA Forum'
> Subject: [PEDA] Database maxed !
> Hello,
> Well it looks like I'm in serious trouble now.  Except for
> just a couple more mounting holes and some minor silkscreening
> on the bottom layer, I have finished this board.
> I posted earlier about an error with "File too big."  As
> suggested, deleting a couple of the huge mechanical layers
> allowed me to save.
> Now I'm getting this error when I try to save all:
> [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Database has
> reached maximum size.
> In an effort to fix this problem, I have deleted all but
> two of the mechanical layers, and I still have the error.
> I don't understand this.  I've been regularly saving all,
> and the incremental amount I added since the last "save 
> all" is microscopic compared to the reduction of file size 
> by deleting all those mechanical layers.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm getting a bit
> nervous. 
> Thanks, Michael Robison

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