It looks like it is time for you to copy those remaining mechanical layers
into another database, or depending on their size, 2 separate databases, and
delete them from your current database and empty the trash after the

This will free up a lot of room in your current database, and when you
actually need to work on the Mechanical Layers, you can copy them back in,
one at a time, do what you need to do, and then copy it back out to its own
database, remembering to delete the file behind you and empty the trash.

Mickey Mouse?


But it will probably save your files.

Working with limited software sometimes requires extraordinary workarounds.

Also, I am just kind of cirious as t where your Mechanical Layers came from.
I know that from time to time I have had to import Mechanical Layers that
have been done in AutoCad, and have found that some of the the arcs and
circles and other small features consist of gazillions of microscopic little
segments which make for a very very large file.

Is it possible that this, or something similar, is happening to you, and if
so, is there anything you can do to the Mechanical Layers in AutoCad (or
whatever you are using) to reduce the content of the file before you import
it, or even now that it is internal to your database?

JaMi Smith

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Subject: [PEDA] Database maxed !

> Hello,
> Well it looks like I'm in serious trouble now.  Except for
> just a couple more mounting holes and some minor silkscreening
> on the bottom layer, I have finished this board.
> I posted earlier about an error with "File too big."  As
> suggested, deleting a couple of the huge mechanical layers
> allowed me to save.
> Now I'm getting this error when I try to save all:
> [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Database has
> reached maximum size.
> In an effort to fix this problem, I have deleted all but
> two of the mechanical layers, and I still have the error.
> I don't understand this.  I've been regularly saving all,
> and the incremental amount I added since the last "save
> all" is microscopic compared to the reduction of file size
> by deleting all those mechanical layers.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm getting a bit
> nervous.
> Thanks, Michael Robison

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