what the original post implies is that the fabricator had some issue with
being able to etch the board in a manner that met the specified
requirements. Those requirements have not been spelled out for us, nor do we
know the limitations or concerns of the fab shop. Therefore we are
discussing this topic theoretically which can tend to exagerate the

  In short my comments would thank the fabricator for being honest and
showing integrity for whatever reason they felt that they couldn't fabricate
the board as is.

   There are all manner of fabricators out there, I know I have run into all
the types over the years. Some have tight controls, some have virtually no
controls. Some have plastic tubs of etchant, some have no aggitation, some
have bubbling to aggitate etchant, some move the boards through the etchant
and some use spray etchers of all descriptions, some have completely
automated lines. Some do your boards alone in the tank, some do 5 companies
boards at a time in the tank. Maybe that is where the problem lies but we
don't know for sure. We can just be thankful that this fabricator shows
minimal integrity in admitting that they felt they could not fab the board
as it was laid out. That is not a problem with the fabricators etching
methodology, it is a limitation that they acknowledge. A major asset in a
board shop in my opinion.

Brad Velander.

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What I am saying, and what I have always said, is that the statement in
original post implies no agitation / circulation / replenishment, and
IS a MAJOR problem.

Do any of you guys actually dissagree with that?


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