Firstly ALWAYS run anti-virus software.. either that or shut down your email
both will do the same job.

Norton AV doesn't cause any instabilities under win2k, I've been running NT
and now 2k without a single hitch and Protel 99SE is just fine..

always have email scanning on by default, I've had quite a number of viruses
delivered from silly people on this group.  The are silly because they get

Don't use MS outlook if you can help it.. I use Pegasus for my main email
and outlook for this news group.. but Norton has always picked the viruses

if you hear of a virus alert, update you AV software before reading your

update you AV at least once a week.. my work updates daily and is still
virus free.. even if we do get 4 or 5 attempts a month.

last .. expect virus .. they are there .. they will hurt .. and they pray on
people who decide to uninstall antivirus software.

also have a look at Zone Alarm firewall


PS.. I've been on the internet since gopher was the greatest thing since
sliced bread.. and have never had a virus installed or affect my machines..
but Pegasus did store one once.. it never run because Pegasus doesn't have
the holes outlook does.  Norton found it and removed it when I swapped
processors and was transferring emails.

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> > From: JaMi Smith [mailto:jamismith@;]
> > With that, I will pose 3 questions to the forum.
> >
> > 1. Should I install an anti-virus program?
> >
> I think so. You already own it, and have had it installed on your machine
> before. and its better to have protection on a machine than not these
> If worst comes to worst you'll have to reinstall Windows again. but having
> just done it, you've probably got all your discs still out, so it won't
> that long.

Try it once, if you can ascertain that it is the AV program causing the
instability, then chuck it and don't worry about installing another.
Remember that virus scanners (or antivirus programs) are for software that
you download and attempt to run that contain viruses, so called hackers
won't be affected by antivirus programs and would still be able to get into
your system on any open port...  However...
This is a gimme if you're running a NAT router, as then your machines
presumably don't have unique IP addresses (ie they are either 10.x or
192.168.x addresses), in which case you don't really have to worry about
hackers at all (or viruses if you don't run downloaded executables).

> > 2. If so, which anti-virus software should I use?
> >
> The one you've already got.

> > 3. Has anyone experienced any problems with any specific
> > anti-virus software
> > causing problems with Protel (99SE or DXP)?
> >
> I haven't had any problems, I think.....
> Julian
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