At 12:40 PM 9/18/2003, Richard Sumner wrote:
Does anyone know an easy way to deselect ALL? x-a on each sheet in turn will do it, but this is really not very satisfactory. I've been caught more than once!

The Protel shortcut is deliberately designed, I think, to work only on the current schematic, it is much too hazardous to allow global changes on sheets that you don't even see.

The solution that's been given is to use a regular edit dialog to unselect; however, this would only unselect the type of primitive being edited in that dialog. This may be enough, but it certainly could not be said to be reliable. Fortunately, a selection on another schematic is not going to move when you pick up a selected primitive on your current schematic.... In order for global edits to apply to other sheets, you have to deliberately select "Change Matching Items in All Documents," instead of the Current Document default. So at this point you ought to have been sufficiently reminded of the power of global edits to efficiently make a huge mess.

Now, I just tested this:

I placed and selected wires on two schematics. I closed one of the schematics, and then I did a global edit on the wires in the other schematic, selecting All Documents. I got a warning dialog box with some options, you ought to see it if you haven't. This is one cool feature.

If the schematics affected are all open, there is no warning dialog.

However, if the schematics concerned are all open, you can unselect everything on them very quickly. Just click on the tab at the top and hit X-A, for each schematic in sequence. It takes a fraction of a second per schematic. So if your selection came through a global edit, the quick way to unselect what you selected is as has been said, use another global edit of the same kind. But if it might have come through other means, then the fast way would be to open all the schematics (in the SCH editor, File/Open Full Project) and then run across the tabs as stated above.

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