Brad Velander wrote:

        I too am running P99SE SP6 on W2KPro (with all updates and recently SP4), I 
never see this issue. I have also never seen it prior to any of the updates or SP4. So 
is there some other issue besides updates or service packs? I know one thing that I do 
religiously, close design databases prior to closing P99SE. Every time, without 

Considering P99SE can leave the Client99 process running when you close the application, what else could it do if you were closing it with a DDB open? Could this be the issue, I don't believe I have seen any of you mention that you specifically close the DDB first? Possibly Robert meant this, but I found his wording a bit mysterious.

I am also running P99SE SP6 on W2K Pro with SP2, and it has been enormously reliable. (I am running the W2K as
a guest operating system under Linux, using VmWare.) I sometimes close every file in the DDB, other times,
especially when I'll be working on it the next day, I just close the entire DDB. I have , ONCE, in the last 2 years,
had P99 not shut down, and have to be killed with the task manager. I have never had a database corruption
problem, or failure to close the DDB, or anything like that. It has just been extremely reliable. I am running
it in pretty much the same environment both at my home (I have a small business there) and at the University.
(Yes, I have 2 licenses.) On very rare occasions, I will get a crash of some component of P99, but I have
ALWAYS been able to save the files, close and restart Protel, and have never lost any work. (That's
amazing, too!)


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