Thats not it either I too religiously close all databases before I
close Protel peroid.
Like I said at times I forget and compress a design and then a library
manually and it will hang sometimes on the second compress if I don't close
the design utilities between compresses.
It does also like you said hang the client so I need to end task
quite often seems like every 5 or so time I close Protel
if you look at the task manager right after its still there.

I have also noticed DXP takes a little while after closing
it to release the task, it has not hung but it does sometimes
take a minute to stop after closing.


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I too am running P99SE SP6 on W2KPro (with all updates and recently SP4), I
never see this issue. I have also never seen it prior to any of the updates
or SP4. So is there some other issue besides updates or service packs? I
know one thing that I do religiously, close design databases prior to
closing P99SE. Every time, without exception!

Considering P99SE can leave the Client99 process running when you close the
application, what else could it do if you were closing it with a DDB open?
Could this be the issue, I don't believe I have seen any of you mention that
you specifically close the DDB first? Possibly Robert meant this, but I
found his wording a bit mysterious.

Brad Velander.

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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Protel 99SE hangups during compact
> Guys,
> I have too had major problems with hang on compress.
> I am running Win2Kpro, and I have actually installed
> every update provided.
> What I have seen though is if I set it to not automatically
> compress on design close and close the design then
> run it manually it does not seem to hang at all.
> If I edited the libraries or more than one design and try
> and do more then say 2 compresses it may occasionally hang.
> But if I close the design utilities between each compress
> it really never hangs.
> So basically I got in the habit of doing just that, every now and
> then though I will forget and sure enough it will hang.
> I did not know it was related to MDAC.
> Bob Wolfe

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