> Only the 24 bit converter can handle RGB.  Remember, 24 bit RGB means 16
> million valid colors.  24 bit component (YUV) means only 3 million valid
> colors, that's why head end broadcast quality use 30 bit color component,
> which gives them around 170 million valid colors.

Head end?  What does that make my TV?  The ass end?  Seems like it, given
the poor quality of TV programming these days...

Did you mean "high end"?

I have yet to join the HDTV revolution.  Still using my circa 1989 Hitachi
27 inch color TV.  And it still looks good.  It's got S-video and composite
inputs, no YUV or RGB or YBaCuO whatever.  I don't really care if broadcast
HDTV ever gets off the ground, because broadcast TV programming is so
uninteresting to me.  Cable HDTV sounds like a joke to me.  Digital cable
(SDTV) is available in my town, but everyone I know of that has tried it has
gone back to analog cable.  The reasons:  digital cable costs more, the
extra channels aren't that great, and you need one cable box for every VCR
and TV in the house.  Now, if the cable company wants to move to HDTV cable
and keep the price the same or lower, I'll go along with that.  But I'm not
looking for a way to spend more money on TV.  Sure, the analog cable signal
quality is abysmal sometimes, but I just won't pay more than I already do.
So, the cable company can forget it if they think HDTV is a way to get me to
spend more money on them.  HDTV would be good for playing back DVDs I buy or
rent, but until my current TV set dies, I won't be buying a new one.  And of
course, the prospect of DRM looms over HDTV.  I almost never watch a show
when it's on, I tape it and watch it later and skip over the commercials.
I'll bet a lot of HDTV programming will be unrecordable because of that.
That's not TV on my terms, folks, so it's not going to fly with me.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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