yes, it is rather 'exciting' isn't it?
guess it depends on what you mean by 'exciting' 

i think it all smells pretty bad too
unfortunately it is highly consistent with their development history, 
although their business practices have morphed a bit

i must say though that for someone like myself who was not happy with 
the bugs and shortcomings which could have been easily addressed but 
were left in 99SE, 99SE's makeover as DXP, the falsehoods propagated 
about the Situs router, etc etc.
i am beginning to think that i have only myself to blame for not 
having gone elsewhere long ago

however, i will not join any class action action as i am opposed 
to them as a matter of principle 

i wonder if we would be better off if Altium had stuck by their 
Total Care or whatever it was called
Maybe they wouldn't have to chase new seats so hard. 
(idle and pointless speculation here, sorry)

acad offers some interesting parallels:
they added some features (forget catchy name) which was some 
sort of interactive internet crap 
for each of the last few upgrades the first thing i had to do was turn
most of the NEW internet related features and helpers

As i understand it (I have not upgraded to ACAD2004)
ACAD2004 is a very compelling upgrade though!  :) :)
they changed some colors of some menus
they made the license much more restrictive
they removed SAVE AS release 14 (which is probably what most people use)

Dennis Saputelli

JaMi Smith wrote:
> What the #$%@ is going on now ? ? ?
> Can anyone out there understand any of this, or is this just more Protel
> / Altium Jabberwake.
> On one hand it looks like they are trying to make a case for making a
> new product out of something that they were supposed to give us as part
> of DXP and nVisage to begin with, and on the other hand it seems that
> they are going to end up trying to charge us money to even fix (oops,
> they will never fix it - so I guess that the more correct word would be
> finish) DXP SP3.5 (build 18550372).
> Maybe I just need to get a good nights sleep before I try and read this
> thing again.
> On the other hand, maybe we just need to nuke Australia - well maybe not
> the whole Country, but at least Protel / Altium.
> I think it may once again be time to wake the sleeping giant of customer
> / user opinion, but this time, unlike before when Altium supposedly
> abandoned ATS (only to re-clothe it as so clearly shown below), maybe we
> need to do it in a much more coordinated manner, that guarentees the
> outcome in writing.
> And what the #$%@ is Protel 2004.
> Could this possibly be Service Pack 7 ? ? ?
> What is with these guys. Is there something about all of the blood
> pooling in their brains as they stand upside down on the bottom of the
> world, or what ? ? ?
> Protel 99 SE is still incomplete, and needs some patches ! ! !
> DXP / nVisage has been lost in la la land for months and months and
> months, and still can't route a board to completion ! ! !
> Does anyone else out there besides me think that it is about time that
> Protel / Altium needs to come up with some real good answers.
> Maybe it is just about time to call a lawyer or two, and get a good
> class action lawsuit going here for SP7, SP8, SP9 and the Source Code
> for 99SE, and not only a full refund for DXP, but also some very very
> large punitive damages to cover the purchase of and retraining on some
> other EDA Software as a real solution to our EDA problems and woes.
> Needless to say, this is posted here, and not in the DXP Technical
> Forum, so I don't get banned once again for speaking the truth and
> seeking honest answers to honest questions.
> Seriously, I am not just writing this to provoke an answer from Ian or
> Abd or Tony, and in fact I beg you guys not to take this off topic and
> run it all downhill into the gutter as has been done in the past.
> We who are DXP Licensees have spent a very very long time waiting for
> Protel / Altium to fix the major problems in DXP, and have had no
> response to many many questions regarding the status of DXP, only now to
> find out that they have apparently not been busy trying to fix the
> problems with DXP, but coming up with something new for which they will
> ask us for more money.
> For those who did not get a copy, please read the original announcement
> below.
> The one that really really really has me fuming is the statement "
> Updates and enhancements that were under development as part of Service
> Pack 3 for nVisage and Protel will not be released for the DXP versions,
> but have now been integrated into the nVisage 2004 and Protel 2004
> releases.
> Protel / Altium - I don't think that you really know what you are
> getting yourself in for, and you might want to rethink your whole
> approach about selling your customer base a non functional system, and
> then turning around and saying that you are not going to fix it.
> JaMi Smith
> @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Phil Loughhead" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 9:36 PM
> Subject: Exciting news for all users of Protel DXP and nVisage DXP
> > Dear JaMi
> >
> > We would like to notify you about a recent Altium announcement and
> take some time to explain the impact of this on the current DXP product
> range, in particular Protel and nVisage.
> >
> > This week, Altium announced the release of a new Altium product called
> Nexar (see Nexar will
> deliver a new approach to digital design, allowing you to implement a
> processor-based digital system in an FPGA using board design
> methodologies. It will include a mixed schematic/HDL design capture
> environment, IP cores, embedded development tools, and a reconfigurable
> hardware development platform called a NanoBoard. These features combine
> to create a highly interactive design and debug environment, allowing
> the engineer to interact directly with a design implemented in the FPGA.
> For more information on Nexar, please go to
> >
> > More importantly for you, Nexar will pioneer a new approach to
> electronics development - something that we are calling LiveDesign.
> LiveDesign capabilities, which are incorporated into the DXP platform,

Dennis Saputelli

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