At 02:56 AM 11/20/2003, JaMi Smith wrote:
Maybe I just need to get a good nights sleep before I try and read this
thing again.

Maybe you should follow that practice every time you think that Altium is a collection of idiots and you are tempted to fly off the handle as you did.

Seriously, I am not just writing this to provoke an answer from Ian or
Abd or Tony, and in fact I beg you guys not to take this off topic and
run it all downhill into the gutter as has been done in the past.

It's already there.

We who are DXP Licensees have spent a very very long time waiting for
Protel / Altium to fix the major problems in DXP [...] only now to
find out that they have apparently not been busy trying to fix the
problems with DXP, but coming up with something new for which they will
ask us for more money.

For those who did not get a copy, please read the original announcement

I'll quote the relevant parts below.

The one that really really really has me fuming is the statement "
Updates and enhancements that were under development as part of Service
Pack 3 for nVisage and Protel will not be released for the DXP versions,
but have now been integrated into the nVisage 2004 and Protel 2004

Protel / Altium - I don't think that you really know what you are
getting yourself in for, and you might want to rethink your whole
approach about selling your customer base a non functional system, and
then turning around and saying that you are not going to fix it.

They did not say that. However, I'll admit that on the *second* reading, I became confused and thought that they *had* said that Protel 2004 was not going to be free to ordinary DXP users. That was a misreading. See:

> Because of our belief that every engineer should have access to the
opportunities that this new technology offers, all current DXP version
users will receive the 2004 software update automatically, free of
charge when it is released Q1, 2004.

All current DXP version users. Free. That's pretty explicit!

And Mr. Loughhead repeated:

> So to clarify..
> Everyone who holds a valid user license of Protel DXP and/or nVisage
DXP will receive their respective 2004 software update automatically,

What is not free is Nanoboard:

All customers who hold Protel DXP and/or nVisage DXP licenses AND have
a valid pre-paid upgrade subscription will receive the 2004 software
updates as well as the NanoBoard.

What confused me (and which may have also afflicted Mr. Smith) was that last paragraph, read in isolation. It could have been written to avoid the problem, as in:

"All customers who also have a valid pre-paid upgrade subscription will receive, in addition, the Nanoboard."

I have to agree with Mr. Loughhead's title. It is good news, assuming that Protel 2004 addresses the major user complaints.

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