I don't know if this will help or not. In the past when I have
encountered strange behavior with 99se SP6, I've tried two things. One
is to go to Design Utilities and do a repair on the ddb. The ddb must be
closed to do this. Browse to the location of the ddb and select the one
you want to repair. That would be my first pass. The next is to either
reset the defaults using the CDROM (I don't recall exactly the process
because my IT guy has the disk. Let me know if you need more info.)or in
the PCB editor in preferences, defaults tab, reset all. Good luck.  

Dan Enslen
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this might be something REALLY stupid but i am banging my head ...

anyone know why ONLINE DRC might have stopped working for me?
here is punchlist
online drc checkbox IS on
drc 'layer' is on
various rules are set up 'normally' and enabled
obstacle is 'avoid'

as i manually route with PT i can draw right through all the wrong
pads at all the wrong clearances

if i run the batch DRC it correctly shows the errors and lights 
them up bright green

it's just that during manual routing the online 
DRC is not working anymore

BTW, if i turn push obstacle on that works, but if i turn it back
to avoid obstacle it does NOT avoid

if i change a rule and push CLOSE the online DRC does not run 
as it usually does

something has changed radically here

-- stop --- poke around some more, reboot etc

same prob

i opened another DDB, no probs
the online DRC works! (first DDB still open)

now i am getting worried about my data

other boards in same original DDB, same problem, no online drc

i made a new fresh DDB and copied the pcb file into it, no go, same prob

i deleted all rules, no help

Dennis Saputelli

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