This is something I've complained about for a long time.  It boggles the mind that 
"we" were able to come up with a standard Spice model format, and that it is supported 
by vendors far and wide.  You can download models and run them with most spice 
programs out there.

Yet there aren't any integrated libs available.  I would really *really* like to see a 
standard built, probably using XML, that the vendors could use to build schematic and 
footprint libs for their parts in.  EDA software could use those directly, or 
translate to internal formats as needed.

The biggest complaint seems to be along the lines of "Oh don't trust the 
Protel/Cadence/Whatever libs - they have bugs.  Build your own so you KNOW they're 
right".  This would all go away, since the vendors would be providing the libs, and 
you know they would be correct.  Or at least rapidly corrected :)

All it would really take is one vendor to start with a standard format, and one EDA 
company to support it.  If it's an open and simple standard, the others would jump in 
pretty quick I should think.  Being XML, it would be extensible, and different 
programs could use or ignore various portions of the lib as needed.

Imagine, having a correct schematic symbol, a correct set of available footprints, 
pins/ports with correct pin types, and even a link to a correct 3D model !  One day 

Altium - this is an opportunity.  Take the lead.  Define the format, and don't exclude 
other vendor requirements :)  Translate the libs to the new format, and send them to 
the vendors.  Get them going.

Dean Carpenter
Principal Architect
Purdue Pharma
94TT :)

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2004 9:12 AM
Subject: [PEDA] Semiconducto rmfg Footprint creation

UP front: Sorry for the cross-post
I just visited Texas instruments and am in some haste to make changes to a
board layout (the chip I used in original layout has become a long-lead
item, too long, infact, for our company meet delivery to our
customer)...Anyway, I was looking up footprint info and discovered that TI
provides footprints in several formats, none of which is PCAD or Protel...
it dawned on me that unless users of these programs tell the semiconductor
comanies that they want/need/should have footprints provided for them, then
the semiconductor companies aren't goning to do it on their own.
I'm not beeging for someone else's footprint, just pointing out that though
I here time and time again from vendors and small businesses that they use
packages like those produced by Altium, there doesn't appear to be agreat
amount of native support from component mfgs. It just doesn't seem right,
even if we're not the "big boys..."
Just a suggestion folks.When you vist sites like, and when you're
looking for footprint info, I would urge you to take the extra 1-1/2 minutes
to urge them to provide such support...
this is the addres of ti's suggestions box...
 Speak or be invisible...

Andrew J Jenkins
Electrical Engineer
Dover Automation Company
Subsidiary of Avtron Manufacturing Inc.
v: 216 642-1230 x1228
f: 216 750-5105


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