On 09:07 AM 27/03/2004, Phillip Stevens said:

Click on the *text* of the comment or designator.  (not the component
itself.)  Run find similar objects.
With all of the objects selected you want to apply the change to,
Click to the right of "Autoposition" in the inspector window.
Select the position you want from the pull down list.  I haven't
actually tried this on my PCB design here,  but I believe this is
the way it's done.


Phil, this will work if you have the designators selected and not the components.

If Mike has the components selected then you can add a further step to select the designators of selected components. Run a selection query of:
IsComponentSelected and IsDesignator

Now you have the designators selected and you can position them as you want with the AutoPosition attribute.

Now I know, Mike, from previous discussion that you may not like the "programming". But that is the current solution.

I have been asking Altium to make this sort of edit easier. If you have just components selected you will see in the Inspector that the Name and Component Comment fields are hyperlinks. I think that when you click on one of these hyperlinks you should be able to edit those attributes on all selected components (in effect this would cause the selection to drill down across all the selected components). However, currently the system will only edit the attribute of one of the components (after drilling down).

If you agree with what I am proposing I suggest you let Altium know - this is not the forum to do that. I have made my point a number of times, I am not sure if there is any support for this concept.

I am surprised that Tech Support couldn't figure this out. I am sure Geoff Harland would have set them right quick smart. The IsComponentSelected, and it's ilk, keywords were added after detailed discussion and back and forth over selection methodolgies and task descriptions by users. It is actually a pretty good example of how the users (that bothered) have had a significant impact on the program - not to say that I think everything about DXP/P2004 is good, just that the users have influenced quite a bit of it, at least within the bounds of the overall architecture.


e> Hi Y'all

e> Does anyone know how to "auto position" the references on
e> selected components only in 2004. I just talked to Tech Support and
e> managed to stump them for  a day.  Any help is appreciated.

e> Mike Reagan

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