On 02:36 AM 28/03/2004, Robert M. Wolfe said:
Ian stated,
"I have been asking Altium to make this sort of edit easier.  If you have
just components selected you will see in the Inspector that the Name and
Component Comment fields are hyperlinks.  I think that when you click on
one of these hyperlinks you should be able to edit those attributes on all
selected components (in effect this would cause the selection to drill down
across all the selected components).  However, currently the system will
only edit the attribute of one of the components (after drilling down)."

I don't remember this coming up but BOY would that be outstanding
to be able to do what you state above.
Form the very first time using 99SE and now DXP that has been
a very big complaint of mine too. I thingk I mentioned it to feedback
and maybe way back on the PEDA forum. But this exact item I feel
vey strong about. I too have struggled with the fact that you have
a bunch of things selected, you bring up a menu, there are common
items on this menu, you want to change the one thing on all the selected
parts. Your right you should be able to change that same item for all
the selected parts right there and not have to jump through a few more


This is how the Inspector works - select stuff, all the properties that are common to all the selected objects are shown, edit any one of these properties and hit enter or click elsewhere on the Inspector to commit and then all the selected objects get changed. The Inspector allows you to change the properties of selected objects. The only thing that causes confusion, in my experience, is that to commit the change you have to click in another field in Inspector or hit the Enter button. Making a change in the Inspector panel and then clicking back in the workspace will not change the property. I am not sure I like this, I wonder if clicking back in the workspace should also cause the commit to occur. There has been a request for an "Apply" button on the Inspector.

I'll take that one step further in that I was very used to CAD systems
that say a have a whole bunch of traces selected. All I needed to do then
was right click to get a properties dialog up and if I changed trace width
right there I just changed the trace width for all traces selected. Didn't
have to take 3 or more steps to accomplish this.

Again - this is how the Inspector does, and always has worked. It was like this in the beginning of DXP - apart from the right click, in DXP/P2004 you either have the Inspector open all the time or use the F11 key to pop it up (or click or hover over a button).

My issue is something very specific to do with components and how they have child properties (the size, width, position etc of the designators for instance) - these properties (of child objects) are *not* considered part of the component. As such they are not shown in Inspector when you select just components. However, the Inspector does recognize that child objects exist in the current selection and shows the *name* of the attribute in the Inspector in a blue underlined hyperlink fashion. Clicking on this hyperlink allows you to drill down to get the properties of the underlying child object (so you can change the width or hide status of a designator for example). The problem is that this, currently, only affects one of the components you have selected (the first or last I guess - I have never checked). I would prefer this drilling down, within Inspector, to child objects to affect all selected objects. There are ways of dealing with this problem (using IsComponentSelected as part of a query for example) but I think the program would work better if we could have the subtle change.

This issue is getting a little stale now - it is a little hard to explain, unless you follow it through with DXP/P2004 open, and I have been through it on the DXP forum enough - so I am sure that Altium will know what I am thinking. (Gee I hate typing stuff twice.)


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