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Dennis Saputelli

edsi wrote:
> Tony wrote
> >Maybe Altium could implement a few more global dialog boxes for us to have
> >high level, quick functionality like the T,I,P box. (Component Text
> Position
> >is what it's really called)
> Tony
> I agree and more..  the inspector panel is better than the first DXP release but is 
> far from polished  For example if you select a few random components and look at the 
> inspector,
> it shows in blue  NAME and Component Comment.   If you accidently  click on either 
> one of these two it goes wacky and arbitrarily picks one component.  If you  click 
> on somewhere in the panel it  toggles
> between reading  the words NAME and component .   Both  are the same word as REF 
> designator. Which by the way is the correct name and never used.     It's just 
> illogical behavior.   What is the meaning of this? We had a President here in the 
> USA  that tried to parse the word "is"    Is Altium parsing  the word NAME?     It 
> has a wacky, non logical feel to it.
> Off topic
> Can anyone tell me what the other silly   choices  ie  Standard, mechanical, 
> graphical, NET TIE have to do with my component?   It looks like another PCAD   
> migration.  What is it?  These options are in the inspector.
> I am starting another PCB   board thank you, This is the second board that 0603 
> components will not import without the library being opened.  I experienced this 
> before wanted to confirm the problem was not me.  I am convinced there are now two 
> bugs with  loading netlists.      In case Y'all didn't notice,  in 99SE components 
> which began with zero like 0805 and 0603 would sometimes shorten by dropping the 
> leading zero's.   It didn't happen all of the time but I know how to reproduce it.   
>  I think there might be something related to the dropping the leading zero.
> There are a few other problems with netlist loading.  Including two things that must 
> be applied.   Dont you hate to install Bill Gate's crap and all the questions are " 
> hit any key to continue" otherwise  it is Good Gye.  Just freaking finish the 
> install, we already established I what I want to do. Loading a netlist requires you 
> to always check this same little box ADVANCED MODE. Then it always asks the same 
> silly question.. do you want match the reference numbers?.  WAIT did I say reference 
> numbers,  this the first place 2004 uses the word REF Number then it never uses it 
> again.  This part was programmed by a subcontractor . I am sure of that.
> The most annoying part of the netlist load is the poor report.  It fails to give you 
> a comprehensive report of what does not get loaded.   The report only contains ref 
> designators   and the word NO ACTION.  No kidding ,   I know it was no action.  A 
> comprehensive report with part information (starting with footprint) would help me 
> find out exactly what went wrong.  So tonight I have two pages of reference numbers 
> that I am manually writing  next to them, my footprints.   Oh how cool, I am using a 
> Pencil for something that was automatic in every version up to DXP.
> I hope Altium still feels that PCB is part of their long term plan,  The package has 
> alot to offer,   There are things I am dying to try out but PCB is taking up more 
> time because the ball was dropped on a few things including loading netlist. So I am 
> spending time learning to use my pencil instead of using the advanced features.
> If you u haven't tried the Autorouter,   Don't .  It still doesn't work. I have 
> baselined a BGA design with 2000 components against 2004,  Spectra and ConnectEDA, 
> Electra.  2004 sputtered for 2 hours and on the the third hour crashed.  That is 
> really sad.  They should take the router off this product and not even offer it for 
> sale.
> Mike Reagan

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