Tony wrote
>Maybe Altium could implement a few more global dialog boxes for us to have
>high level, quick functionality like the T,I,P box. (Component Text
>is what it's really called)

I agree and more..  the inspector panel is better than the first DXP release but is 
far from polished  For example if you select a few random components and look at the 
it shows in blue  NAME and Component Comment.   If you accidently  click on either one 
of these two it goes wacky and arbitrarily picks one component.  If you  click on 
somewhere in the panel it  toggles
between reading  the words NAME and component .   Both  are the same word as REF 
designator. Which by the way is the correct name and never used.     It's just 
illogical behavior.   What is the meaning of this? We had a President here in the USA  
that tried to parse the word "is"    Is Altium parsing  the word NAME?     It has a 
wacky, non logical feel to it.

Off topic
Can anyone tell me what the other silly   choices  ie  Standard, mechanical, 
graphical, NET TIE have to do with my component?   It looks like another PCAD   
migration.  What is it?  These options are in the inspector.

I am starting another PCB   board thank you, This is the second board that 0603 
components will not import without the library being opened.  I experienced this 
before wanted to confirm the problem was not me.  I am convinced there are now two 
bugs with  loading netlists.      In case Y'all didn't notice,  in 99SE components 
which began with zero like 0805 and 0603 would sometimes shorten by dropping the 
leading zero's.   It didn't happen all of the time but I know how to reproduce it.    
I think there might be something related to the dropping the leading zero.

There are a few other problems with netlist loading.  Including two things that must 
be applied.   Dont you hate to install Bill Gate's crap and all the questions are " 
hit any key to continue" otherwise  it is Good Gye.  Just freaking finish the install, 
we already established I what I want to do. Loading a netlist requires you to always 
check this same little box ADVANCED MODE. Then it always asks the same silly 
question.. do you want match the reference numbers?.  WAIT did I say reference 
numbers,  this the first place 2004 uses the word REF Number then it never uses it 
again.  This part was programmed by a subcontractor . I am sure of that.  
The most annoying part of the netlist load is the poor report.  It fails to give you a 
comprehensive report of what does not get loaded.   The report only contains ref 
designators   and the word NO ACTION.  No kidding ,   I know it was no action.  A 
comprehensive report with part information (starting with footprint) would help me 
find out exactly what went wrong.  So tonight I have two pages of reference numbers 
that I am manually writing  next to them, my footprints.   Oh how cool, I am using a 
Pencil for something that was automatic in every version up to DXP. 

I hope Altium still feels that PCB is part of their long term plan,  The package has 
alot to offer,   There are things I am dying to try out but PCB is taking up more time 
because the ball was dropped on a few things including loading netlist. So I am 
spending time learning to use my pencil instead of using the advanced features.  

If you u haven't tried the Autorouter,   Don't .  It still doesn't work. I have 
baselined a BGA design with 2000 components against 2004,  Spectra and ConnectEDA, 
Electra.  2004 sputtered for 2 hours and on the the third hour crashed.  That is 
really sad.  They should take the router off this product and not even offer it for 

Mike Reagan

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