On 11:16 AM 28/03/2004, edsi said:
<...snip..> Loading a netlist requires you to always check this same little box ADVANCED MODE. Then it always asks the same silly question.. do you want match the reference numbers?.

I assume you have read: http://www.altium.com/protel/kb/kb_item.asp?ID=3439

One of the options (the more complicated) is to use the Advanced button. The other, simpler, option is to add the netlist to the project. Is there a reason you can't do that? Adding it to the project is just a link by file name and path - if the external netlist changes you shouldn't have to add it to the project again.

<..snip..>The most annoying part of the netlist load is the poor report. It fails to give you a comprehensive report of what does not get loaded. The report only contains ref designators and the word NO ACTION. No kidding , I know it was no action. A comprehensive report with part information (starting with footprint) would help me find out exactly what went wrong. So tonight I have two pages of reference numbers that I am manually writing next to them, my footprints. Oh how cool, I am using a Pencil for something that was automatic in every version up to DXP.

As for the reports - I have never investigated. Dunno what the options are here. I agree it should report the missing footprint. Why don't you help us all by suggesting it?

If you u haven't tried the Autorouter, Don't . It still doesn't work. I have baselined a BGA design with 2000 components against 2004, Spectra and ConnectEDA, Electra. 2004 sputtered for 2 hours and on the the third hour crashed. That is really sad. They should take the router off this product and not even offer it for sale.

I have tried Situs a few times on a test board - I remain unimpressed. Copper sharing of plane fanouts seems to remain a big issue for my boards - even after the latest changes in P2004. The fanout option works pretty weel - some people are using the fanout to do the initial plane connections on a board. This works fine, but then I find the routing passes mucks up with the fanout and can't detect nearby copper sharing options well. The routing then mucks up the fanout which in turn blocks lots of routing channels. The straighten and pad enty passes seem to be OK. You can set up an routing strategy that can do some pretty aggressive clean-up which is nice. But I too have not had any production success with Situs for routing. I intend to test the latest changes in P2004 in more detail.


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