I forgot to list why I prefer the ELECTRA router.  It simply protects the "protects" 

By comparison, Spectra, lets say I have a fairly large board. 
I want select all remaining nets for routing.  I use SELECT FROMTO, PROTECT ALL WIRES. 
If I know the names of busses, wires and nets that need to be excluded from the FROMTO 
list, I create class called FORGET.  I unselect class FORGET then I route.  Works ok 
as long as the class FORGET contains every single little protected wire that needs 
excluded.  Many designs I get from Orcad and PADS have names like $$$44042, N7309823,  
 I don't know these from shinola and they get left off my FORGET class.  Even thought 
they are protected,  SPECTRA will sometimes place stubs over these which require clean 
up = time.

ELECTRA protects these wires 100 percent.  At least I have not seen a conflict yet.  
Time = $$$ with me.  Even in clean up.   I might spend no more than an hour reviewing 
routed boards from either Spectra or ELECTRA. Generally, my review consists of running 
maximum  via counts on nets, to reduce vias, and masking the nets individually to make 
sure they followed an X, Y (manhattan)path and are not mouse mazing  over the board   
I run the netlist report to quickly review net lengths. This is a good feature, I can 
see if something in a BUSS is out of whack.  If I have controlled Z, this is already 
taken care of in my stack, layer assignment and rules driven autorouting.  

Reply to Mr. Lomax comments

In the scheme of things   8k for Protel and 3 K  is an 11K package.  Very competitive 
against Cadence, Mentor, Orcad.  Protel will kick but with an add on like ELECTRA.  
Once you use one of these routers, you will be insulted with Altium's router. It is 
night and day. 

Mike Reagan

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