But do you spend 'days' each time you do a board? I rather just route the
board by hand for 'days' and have it look the way I want it to look.

I've tried using autorouters and after a while I just say f**k it, and route
by hand. They always look 'auto routed', busses seem to not stay together,

I am about a week into my Electra trial, and it got a current board to 100%
with no violations, but it looks like hell. I would have so much clean up, I
rather just route the board by hand...again. I am trying different
instructions in the DO file, and maybe that will help.


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Good question Joe

I plan to phase out my usage with Spectra, Since I have an older version,
with not quite all the bells and whistles.  Alot of the "bells" in Spectra
dont work any way.  What I have found is ...SPECTRA like all the other
routers were written 20 years ago. Spectra has not kept  up with the latest
footprint technology. Spectra has a difficult time keeping bundled busses
together.  Has problems fanning out ( Advantage goes to ELECTRA for fanout,
but I use pre fanned parts)    Dont get me wrong SPECTRA  is ....the best
router on the market at any price.
ELECTRA is a newcomer. I have been using it with great success and the
enginnering department at ELECTRA is in tune with its users.  They are
receptive to inputs and will turn a suggetion around fairly quickly.  Give
this company time,  they will be a major player in the CAE market.

You guys need to plunk 3 K down and purchase the ELECTRA router. Then  learn
to use it. I never like to hear "WE ALWAYS ROUTE BY HAND". That  tells me
you are designing small boards, or dont know how to use a router.  or you
are simply farming out a design that should take you about half the time.
Dont just hit GO and expect a rotuer to work.  I might spend days thinking
about routing stategies.   I  spend days tuning parts to open channels.  I
might make several passes, and adjust my rules.    Rules driven routing can
control vias, number of vias, line lengths, pairing, layers line widths, and
spacing.  Routers work!

And yes I am finally becoming an expert at something....it may be auto

Mike Reagan

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>Maybe my response came across wrong, What I was getting at why both
>I had no problems justifying the Specctra router, but I don't see me
>spending for the Electra. Agreed that Protel with a less than spectacular
>router may benefit from partnering with someone else for their bundled
>or just ommiting it altogether. Like you I'm doing this full time, but with
>the economy having been down loads have been too rollercoatery to spend
>when I'm getting by.
>Sounds like you have spent some time with the Electra router, care to
>expound some virtues since I was working and my demo expired long before I
>had any real time to spend on it.
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>From: "edsi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>Subject: Re: [PEDA] Router comparison
>> Joe,
>> If you are designing boards full time ....and not just a few boards a
>year,  a good router is a must.     I keep a log.   I designed over 40
>boards for each of the past 6 years.    The router costs  are easy for me
>> I also perfer having 2nd party software for routing because it doesnt tie
>up my main CAD system.  Hey Altium what a novel idea.....I dont want
>integrated routers....ever.     I can work on two boards at once if one is
>routing.   Wow what a concept...I can really multitask on two PCs
>> Mike

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