Perhaps this thread was a waste of your time because of your familiarity of DXP, but I found the information presented quite enlightening. Thank you (and everybody else) for the time you put into your responses.


At 07:49 PM 5/30/2004, you wrote:
On 10:30 AM 31/05/2004, John A. Ross [RSDTV] said:
> Here is an example: Change the designator height and width
> for all '0402'
> footprints.


For things like this I have just used the list panel as I found it easier than FSO.

In my favourites I keep some things like
IsDesignator And HasFootprint('0603')
IsDesignator And HasFootprint('0805')
Then all I need do is edit selected columns and the change is applied.

If I follow the FSO route for this type of edit I find it a world of pain.

Jim is right. This is an example of something that is slower in DXP/P2004. Can still be done but requires some typing and knowlegde of the query system and hence is difficult when you are going up the learning curve.

However, it doesn't need to be and I have made a suggestion that would make it as fast as P99SE. Doesn't help now though. If the Name hyperlink in the Inspector preserved the selection then the FSO could be used to select 0402's and then Inspector used to burrow to the designators (Name in Inspector speak) of these selected components. Currently inspector does not preserve the selection when burrowing down (or up) when using the field hyperlinks in Inspector.

So no Jim I can't prove you wrong, yet. I would hope that Altium could implement this preservation of the selection when burrowing on the Inspector panel. I asked for it a long time ago but who knows when or if it would be implemented.

(I refuse to believe that people can't learn the system. If I can do it then so can others. But yes I know that just because you can do something it does not mean you like it or that it is necessarily as fast another way.)

As for the comments that the number of favourites would become unmanageable. You only need to save those queries that you use a lot and that you find difficult to do in other ways. For instance you would only need to save John's query once - if you wanted to edit it for 0603 you could just do that on the fly easily enough. Though if you did do it heaps for 0603 and 0402 you would then consider saving it. Or scripting the whole function.

As a counter. Have you ever wanted to swap the nets on two connections. Say you have a pair of long copper connections that cross at a few vias. You can see a better way of routing them which involves swapping them over. You can select the copper, then change the net in Inspector. In P99SE this would require two globals, one for tracks (and arcs) and one for vias.

(The P2004 has a little complication in that the connected component pads, if any, would get changed as well, but this would be solved by not using the Select Copper function. Hmmm .. I may need to investigate this example in some more detail. The Inspector will change the nets on the pads, while P99SE globals would not. So a more complex selection process with a simple global change vs select copper and a pair of P99SE globals. I would have to think about this. It is easy if there are no component pads involved of course as may be the situation when you have disconnected the terminal pads in order to re-work the routing.)

Wasted too much time on this thread as it is. I should have not responded to Terry....


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