At 01:25 PM 5/29/2004, Terry Harris wrote:
Having just been offered a discount to upgrade from 99SE to 2004 it's time
to think about it again. (I knew those special offers would keep coming).
Is it fit to use yet or should hold out for a couple more service packs and
the next special offer?

Don't count on there being another special offer.

To me the issue would be whether or not you are going to eventually upgrade. If you are, then upgrading now is *probably* the best price you are going to get. There is some possibility, true, that there will be an equally attractive special offer in the future. But my sense is not. This is *not* based on any kind of inside information, I don't have any. It's just based on the history of Protel upgrade special offers.

The question of whether or not you are ready to actually start using P2004 is a separate question. From P99SE, there is definitely a learning curve. You might want to try to schedule the move when you have some spare time.

DXP is *different*, as many have written. Some of the differences will be initially frustrating. The general opinion from those who have stuck it out seems to be that they would not want to go back.

I've been *playing* with DXP & DXP 2004 for a few months now. I've not been using it for productive work, I've not taken a job through. I find it hard to retain some of the information, the new procedures, I have to look things up again. Some of that is probably due to my age, some of that problem will disappear, I'm sure, when I've used the program more intensively as in actual work.

There are also a lot of similarities, much of DXP will be very familiar to a 99SE user. Overall there are more similarities than differences, but when you've ground to a sudden halt because something you want to do that was simple and easy in 99SE is ... obscure ... in DXP, it can seem like you've just stumbled into a dark closet and you can't find anything.... The 99SE functionality is actually all there in DXP, and more, and the approach to, for example, mass editing of the PCB database, is more flexible in DXP, but ... all this flexibility adds complexity.

I think Altium could have and should have kept some of the old options, such as a global editing button, but.... it didn't happen that way.

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