At 03:16 PM 5/31/2004, Ian wrote:

The amount of traffic on this list that discusses DXP/P2004 in detail and has the suggestions and problems
is small compared to that on other forums.

Ian - You didn't get specific, but judging by many of your prior postings, I assume you are referring to Altium's DXP forums. I am not too surprised that DXP traffic on this forum has been light. I recall seeing posts from you and a few others that recommended that people post DXP questions to the Altium's forum instead of this one.

I prefer this forum for a number of reasons, here are a few.

First, I don't want the only show in town to be controlled by the vendor of the product. If we don't support and use other forums, they will go away.

Second, this forum has been here for many years, almost since I started using Protel back in 1990. The DXP forums are a Johnny come lately and Altium does not even provide forums for their earlier products. Once upon a time they did, but only for a very short time during the mid 90's. And even then, negative comments were often censored.

Third, I understand that this forum is monitored by a large number of Altium employees, so Altium knows what's going on even when messages are not posted to their own forum.

Forth, It's been proved time and time again that the user's usually have a better grasp of how to best use the products than most of Protel's staff. And even though there are users on Altium's forums, I would still prefer to post here for the previous three reasons.

A number of years ago I was told by a Protel Tech Support employee that Protel had instituted a policy that discouraged or forbade Protel employees from participating in this forum (they could look but not touch). So I'll certainly need to use Altium's forum if I require direct feedback from them, and I'll use it if I can't get an answer here, but otherwise it'll be my second choice.


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