Jim Monroe wrote:

I am amazed that more than 2 years after DXP's debut its still lacking in such a way. [Regarding global edits]

Jim, I am amazed that you are amazed. Step back and see what kind of thinking went into making the change. Someone at a reasonably high level decided (or was convinced by those under him/her) that global edits are not really used and could be replaced by something "better." There may have been some hot internal discussions about it and the person won out. They had to put their credibility on the line to get the change. Maybe this was a new management person that needed to leave their mark on the product or someone that opened their mouth without thinking and could not admit that they hand not thought things through.

DXP hits the market and the new feature does not go over well. There is a lot of complaining from the users and they want the old way back. Those that were against the change are chucking and saying "I told you so." At that point, the individual that stuck their credibility on the line to gun for the change has two options: They can admit that they screwed up and put things back the way the were, or they can blame the user and the training and claim that everything else in the world needs to change because they are always right. Apparently that is what happened and the person essentially raised the stakes by sticking to their guns. That point forward, that person's position in the company is tied to the global edits not coming back. While this individual is at the company, there is no way that things will change.

If this statement based on any inside info at Altium? No. Do I know all of this to be the fact? No. Then how can I tell? Because after having dealt with many companies, both form the inside and the outside, I can recognize the symptoms of reality colliding with an over-inflated ego. I know of several companies, both big and small, public and private, that have pissed away anywhere from a few million dollars to hundreds of million of dollars because someone took a position and were not willing to admit that they were wrong. The higher up this person is, the harder it is to get rid of them and the greater the damage to the company. Can such an individual kill a product and kill a company? Yes, they can and I have seen it happen.


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