Hi Ian,

Thanks.  Problem solved.  So for the record.  Here's what Protel Client99SE does.  It 
hard codes the
X,Y position of the floating tool bars and sizes the client window to fit the position 
of the bars.
So if the PCB Component placement floating tool bar was set at say 1030,600 then the 
client window
is set to 1030+width of the tool bar, 600 + height of the tool bar.  On a system that 
has a
MaxClientWindow of 1024 (available from Windows operating system) the tool bar will 
now show up but
Protel will pretend it can in its virtual window.  In this case the Bottom scroll bar 
won't show up.

And if a schematic 'floating' bar is set at a 800,900 the same thing happens but the 
RH scroll bar
won't show up (nor of course the floating tool bar).

Fixing the bars doesn't do any good because they probably end up fixed to the lower 
edges and so
Protel still creates the larger virtual window.

The solution is to edit the Client99SE.rcs file and search for 'floating' and ensure 
that each pair
of co-ordinates are well within the new screen size.

All Protel has to do is verify this automatically with MaxClientWindow and move the 
floating bars
inward the first time it's loaded in a smaller screen size.  It's a bug.  Not one seen 
very often
and probably exists in the $3995 bug fix called Protel DXP.  

Don't know if you remember a similar bug where if a number of objects were selected 
and then moved,
an object could be moved off the schematic page.  Then if all objects are deselected,  
the one off
the schematic page stays there but you can't get at it anymore since the cursor is 
clipped at the
page boundaries.  The interim solution for that one was to select all,  and then 
deselect everything
inside the document and then delete all selected items.  I think the fix for that bug 
was only $1000
for an upgrade to a new and improved version.  I think it took two new and improved 
versions rather
than free service packs to fix it.

Anyway,  Thanks for the suggestion to look in the rcs file.  Hadn't thought of that 
one and the ini
file just had the absolute 4 corner co-ordinates of the main window.


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> On 01:04 PM 9/06/2004, John Dammeyer said:
> >Sorry,  that's just not true.   If I install the Protel on a 
> system with a 
> >1024x768 screen the
> >bottom of the parent EDA window with scroll bars is clearly 
> visible.  If I 
> >install it into a system
> >that has 1280x1024 screen same thing.  If I now reduce the system 
> >resolution to 1024x768 from the
> >1280x768,  the bottom of the parent vanishes.  You can 
> shrink it and do 
> >whatever but you can't get
> >the bottom of the window into sight.  It can't be stretched 
> out.  That 
> >means somewhere,  Protel is
> >hiding the installation screen dimensions.  In a .ini file 
> or some place 
> >in the registry.  And,
> >it's the only windows program I have ever run that has this problem.
> It is actually storing the size of some of its internal 
> windows, more than 
> the screen resolution - but works out the same from your 
> point of view.
> There are ini files and DFT and RCS files stored in the Windows 
> folder.  The names are pretty clear - I think the mostly 
> contain "...99SE" 
> in the name.
> My guess would be Cleint99SE.ini - you could edit it or just 
> rename it so 
> it gets recreated and filled with default values on next 
> startup.  You may 
> want to back it up first.
> Tony is right in the sense that the application is not really 
> all that 
> resolution-aware but it will try to start up with the same 
> sized windows as 
> at the last shutdown.
> The problem could be in another of the configuration files - 
> you could just 
> back them all up and delete them all - but if you take the 
> rcs files you 
> will loose any customisations you have made (I doubt these 
> rcs files would 
> affect the screen like you are seeing though).
> Ian

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