I tried it on my notebook with a native resolution of 1024x768. I had 99SE
running and I minimized it so I could see the desktop. I lowered the
resolution to 800x600, and then maximized 99SE; it looked fine.

The odd part is that I made 99SE roughly 90% of the screen (so I could gain
access to the desktop and resize up again while watching 99SE, and got this
"Client99se" error dialog box:

Win32 Error. Code 1447
The window does not have scroll bars.

So I restarted 99se, and tried it again, but this time the application was
not maximized, it was 90% of the screen as I reduced to 800x600. The client
shell occupied 99.9% of the available screen resolution and still had the
maximize button available.  It looked ok.

I did this over and over and couldn't get the above error, but after about 5
or 6 times, I got a new error:

In the "Client99se" error dialog box:

A Win32 API function failed.

So I didn't get the same issue you did, but there is something wrong in the

Why did I do this? Heck, I don't know. I'm just up reading emails in the
morning here, and decided to goof off I guess. These is no fixing any 99se
things anymore so I suppose it was a complete waste of time...

I still stand by my first message thought. The app doesn't have specific
control based on screen resolution. It does 'rememeber' its windowed size in
the INI file so it will open as it was when you closed it (as Ian

Oh well,

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The main window is indeed maximized.  You can do this experiment yourself.
Whatever resolution you
are using, just right click on the desktop, select properties and set a
lower resolution screen
size.  It's a bug in Protel that sets up the size when it's installed and
then no longer considers
in after running.  Nor is there an option to convince it to look again.

I've tried deleting Client99SE.ini and although it appears to create the
correct desktop,  all the
servers and their serial/ID numbers are missing so it can't load a file.

I'll try adjusting some other parameters.


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> Yes that makes sense, but he said "the bottom of the parent 
> EDA window with
> scroll bars" and the parent window doesn't have scroll bars 
> unless it's as
> you just described.
> His photos are a little hard to see. I can't tell if the main 
> window is
> already 'maximized' and is somehow shooting off the bottom of 
> screen, or if
> it's in a windowed state and is just dragged too low at the bottom. 
> It looks like in the second images the internal window was 
> maximized and it
> also shot off the bottom.
> John, is the main client window maximized already or can you 
> adjust the size
> of it by resizing the boarder?
> tOny
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> From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Protel EDA Window Size
> On 01:49 PM 9/06/2004, Tony Karavidas said:
> >Scroll bars where? If I have 99SE open with no project files, then no
> scroll
> >bars exist. They only appear when I open a file which 
> requires panning.
> You can get scroll bars on the P99SE main window if you have 
> an editor 
> client window that is not maximised but is position so that 
> part of it is 
> out of the visible area of the application. Does that make 
> sense?  Is this 
> what you are having a problem with, John.
> Can you put a screen shot on a web page for us to see? If you 
> need somehere 
> to put it try:
> http://www.proteluser.com
> You can stick attachments there. A good spot might be: 
> http://www.proteluser.com/bbs/forumdisplay.php?f=19
> Ian

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