> I want to get the USB VMs to work, but I use keyboard and mouse via USB,
> not PS/2, so it will not permit me to configure it.
> I wish to attach specific USB Ports to Dom0, which is 1 of the bus's. And
> the other USB bus's to the USBVM, but I can't find out what device to
> attach to Dom0 to allow this.
> I know what my USB3 is because that's a PCIe card. So that's easy enough
> to push to a USBVM. But the others, not so easy.
> Is it possible to assign specific USB ports instead of whole USB bus's?

Pretty sure the answer is "no."  You can assign a whole USB bus (which is
typically a single PCI device) to a VM, but you can't split it up beyond
that, other than the default of having dom0 relay specific devices to
specific VM's (which isn't dom0 USB isolation at all).

My mobo has 8 USB ports, but they're all on a single bus, so it's all or

It's worth looking into whether your keyboard/mouse support PS/2.

It may no longer be the case, but it used to be that most USB keyboards
and mice had controllers that also automatically auto-detected and
supported PS/2, with a simple passive passthrough dongle between the
USB->PS/2 connection.


$0.75 each, including international shipping.

You or someone you know may even have such dongles kicking around; if so,
given them a try.  The common logitech ones seem to work for most every
keyboard/mouse I've tried.

Or, if you're handy with a soldering iron, make your own.


I've chopped up an old PS/2 cable and soldered it to a USB keyboard
successfully in the past.  (Even just cut and twisted the wires together
in a pinch, lol.  Worked great.)

Worst case, splurge the <$10 each on getting a nice PS/2 mouse and
keyboard, and proceed with far greater confidence/security, and more
easily isolate your USB to a VM.

(Heck, I'd send you a free PS/2 mouse/keyboard if it didn't cost more to
ship than to it would be for you to purchase new.)

Maybe it's less common these days for keyboards/mice to support that
feature, but it's hardly difficult even today to buy or find a good PS/2
mouse and keyboard for dirt cheap.


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