16. Dec 2016 18:38 by marma...@invisiblethingslab.com:

>> + Changing my vault VM to fedora24
>>    - It remembers the keys password but does not honor the timeout settings, 
>> it always reprompts at 5 minutes despite "export QUBES_GPG_AUTOACCEPT=86400" 
>> being in .bash_profile 
> Hmm, it works for me...
>>    - Removing the password from my subkeys and it still prompts for a 
>> password and only works with the password I removed, not blank.  interacting 
>> with gpg on command line shows that the password does not exist all signing 
>> / decryption is automatic
>> Any reasons for the above behavior?
> Make sure you use gpg2, not gpg.

Both are installed in the Fedora 24 template but if I understand correctly, the 
qubes gpg wrapper now defaults to gpg2.

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