I remember when the tor dev Isis on irc, when I asked if anyone used Qubes, 
told me she was going to try it out but thought it was too hard to use. She 
started asking me how easy it was to install and use.   I was in total shock!  
This someone who is a genius compared to me and she thought Qubes would be too 
hard for her to use?  Then I realized its because thats what most people on irc 
thought.   And thats because of that age old linux problem of people wanting to 
feel special for using it.

ANY DUMMY CAN USE QUBES!!!!  Any old dumb computer illiterate windows user can 
learn how to use Qubes in 10 minutes.  If you think I am exaggerating you 
really need to come down to earth, you're not special.

The hardrd part of Qubes is forcing yourself to compartmentalize and thinking 
of the system in that way. Some people can't do it.   But that has nothing to 
do with a technical learning curve, which is no different then windows.  But it 
seems people in this community want to change that, probably for the reasons I 
stated in my previous post.

Although itl isn't the typical linux type, and from Joanna's github post it 
seems like its more of her thinking the Qubes-manager is ugly and bulky.  So 
i'm crossing my fingers we don't lose any UI functionality.   

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