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       Notifications - I haven't seen any notifications at all, like
         starting/stopping of VMs or when a new USB-device has been
         attached. Would like to see the notification from Qubes 3.2 in
         Qubes 4

       Positioning of Blockdevice and Running VMs widgets:

         I see my self moving the mouse from left to right a lot, just to
         start programs and get information (from the widgets) - again
         Qubes Manager was much more comfortable.
few options for you:
- Alt-f2 (or alt-f1+arrow keys) is your friend. :p
- you can also choose to permanently move either the start menu or the widgets 
to the left of the menu bar. :)
Ok, I haven't used Alt+F2 before, this looks interesting, but I haven't figured out how to use it.
Does it offers auto-completion?

         Is it possible to have something like a desktop widget, showing
         all running AppVMs?
Would a toggle to permanently expand/unfold the manager-widget do? Or do you 
also want additional features accessible from that QM-widget?

It seems that we need to restart Qubes 4rc1 after reinstallation at least one or two times, so that the widgets are working - maybe this should be added to the documentation (?)
I have also updated dom0, maybe this brought also the solution?
Now all running VMs are shown in the widget, before I could only see sys-net and sys-firewall there.

       IDEA "QuickstartBar": Could we get something like a shortcut
         so that a launch bar will open up, where I can enter either bash
         commands or something like: untrusted:firefox and then Firefox
         opens in my AppVM named untrusted (general syntax:
         AppVM:Command/Program? task completion would even be easier?
Beyond what you can do with alt-f2 (in xfce) + searching + arrow key navigation?

As mentioned, I havent used that before, can this be used without mouse-navigation? I've to enter untrusted: Terminal but when hitting enter, nothing happens, except a red stop sign. need to find out the syntax of that quick launcher, having the graphical menu available from the quick-launcher is a nice addon, but this needs more time, then just using the start menu.

       The AppVM widget is only showing sys-usb, sys-net,
         sys-firewall, not other AppVMs which are running.
If this concerns VMs you've created yourself, this should probably be fixed in 
the next update. Or do you mean the 'devices' widget?

This has been fixed, after some restarts, I can now also see usb devices in the device widget and can attach them from there to the running VMs - very nice.
I like having block and usb devices in one view.
What would be nice, but I don't know if this can be done:
If a device has been attached to a VM, maybe it can be highlighted or marked with a symbol in the device widget menu. As such I can see directly which devices are attached. currently I need to open the menu entry and I can then see, which AppVM has the device attached (can be identified because it is grayed out and offers an eject button).

       The "Create Qubes VM" menu entry could also be enhanced so
         that we have the option to create a clone from an existing VM.
         Maybe via something like an additional option "Clone from
Not sure I'd use this often enough for it to make sense -- isn't this part of 
what dispvms are for?
Maybe you are right, but now I have to go to terminal to clone a vm.
What I am doing is, that I leave the default templates untouched and create a clone of them, which I then use for my AppVMs. This makes sure that I can always test an AppVM with the "original" default Qubes template for troubleshooting.

       Working with USB devices: Could we improve the handling of usb
         devices. Currently it seems that it is impossible to add a
         usb-device to a VM without touching the terminal.
Huh? That should be there now, even if it doesn't look the part, and isn't very 
intuitive (devices widget in notification area? Or doesn't that do usb devices 
yet? (I can't test this myself due to a different bug)).
Solved, my mistake as mentioned above, it seems that Qubes needs one or two restarts until the Widgets are working correctly.
A possible bug (?):
If you shutdown sys-usb the USB-devices are gone from the list, and won't come back when restarting sys-usb.
Another strange effect:
I can then see entries called QEMU_QEMU_USB_Tablet_42 for every running AppVM. Is this the virtual USB Hub in every AppVM? I think this should be hidden from the widget.

         From user perspective I would like to get a notification popup
         as soon as I attach something to my laptop, then allowing me to
         choose with the next click where to attach this device to.

         If I am attaching a device it is most time because I need to get
         this device into an AppVM.

When I attach a usb device through the device widget I get a nice notification window in the upper right corner, so notification are working just not for the majority of qubes events (starting / stopping VMs)

       Fonts/Display Resolution seems to be different compared to
       Qubes 3.2. (...) but the content in the window (content of the AppVM) is
       using a bigger font (DPI-size).
       How can this be resolved?
Does this help? 
Thanks, I tried this and seems to work in some apps. As mentioned in the post, it seems that this will not help everywhere:

(...) this is not a universal approach but should work fine for gnome apps. you should type them in terminal applications in each vm. a more comprehensive approach to cover all bases is to set proper dpi for X server, Xft, gsettings (if gnome-settings-daemon runs), xsettings (IIRC Debian template needs that), dom0 desktop environment (KDE, Xfce) and use hidpi themes/window decorations. (...) From: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/qubes-users/hidpi$20vm|sort:relevance/qubes-users/GQOLttJeJTg/hubZ7gX8AwAJ

Maybe someone can look into this topic and provide a short howto which can be added to the Qubes Documentation as High Resolution Displays are becoming more and more common.
xsettings,gsettings etc. sounds complicated to me :-)

       qvm-top ... seems to be gone, how can I quickly get a list of
         all running VMs?
try qvm-ls

I know about qvm-ls, but qvm-ls show all VMs, and there doesn't seem to be a switch to show only the running VMs, if we get an option for qvm-ls --show-running, -r this would be handy. But I don't get why qvm-top is not available any more, as the view from qvm-top is slightly different compared to qvm-ls.
qvm-ls = show me my inventory and configuration data
qvm-top = show me metrics about ressource consumption of all running VMs

         I now have to enter the name of the target AppVM when pasting
         via global clipboard (Shift+Ctrl+V). While this adds more
         security, it is a pain for the user, when copying a lot. Could
         it make possible to have the option to get a slightly easier
         copy&paste process:

         the current appvm, to which the window belongs is already
         selected in the list of the target VM.

         If the user hits Enter two (!) times, the content of clipboard
         would be pasted into this AppVM clipboard.

I guess this means that the dialog windows which comes up when hitting STRG+V must catch the AppVM name of the window that was currently in focus - I am not sure if this can be done?
On the other hand dom0 should know everything.

- PhR

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