Just remembered the snowden documentary,  when he would type the password into 
his laptop covering it and his head with a blanket.   Maybe we should all do 
that?  Then they really would need to catch the electrical or radiation 
frequencies lol.
@Wael, Thats a sweet PSU you picked.  EVGA doesn't make lower end ones.  I 
think Tai was thinking of corsair,  which I would never recommend to anybody.

A Corsair PSU once died on me after a year.  One of the C models. And the hdd 
and gpu got killed.  Whats crazy is for a year I thought i was getting hacked 
and was going nuts,  turns out it the psu must of been failing after 3 months 
and I never suspected it.

 I filed a claim with them.  They said nothing was wrong with the PSU or GPU.   
 I told them thats impossible, because I had to replace the psu to get my board 
to post lol.   and I flipped out.

Long story short,  They paid for my hdd.   But Stole my GPU,  literally,  stole 
the fkn thing and refused to give it back.  They claimed they didn't know where 
it was.  They probably reflashed it and gave it to their kid.  Now that I think 
about it I should of called the police!    On top of that they sent me two bad 
PSU's before they sent me a good one.  I swear it.   The first replacement 
immediately started smoking on me as if they sent me a bad psu on purpose just 
to fk with me!!!  Because when they told me nothing was wrong with the psu,  I 
told the guy his engineers are frauds.   And The only reason they paid for the 
HDD is after I complained they stole my GPU and I was out a hdd.

   The last GPU they sent me  only lasted 2 years and stopped working out of 
nowhere with no warning signs.  

Corsair has crap quality control,  and evil engineers.  EVGA on the other hand, 
 is the best quality in PSU's I've ever seen,  no matter the model.  I've also 
had cheap psu's not work properly with a ups,  but never the case with an evga 
psu.   I hate to sound like a shrill, but noone comes close to them in the psu 
market.  There is no comparison.

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