> I would buy the RAM and CPU off of ebay, there is no reason to pay $80/ea
> for that ram or $172 for a 6380 ($100 on ebay) you could get a 6386SE for
> that price. (needs 140W cooler FYI) No reason to get the "protection plan"
> for anything either its a waste of money.

That may be good advice, but there's another point of view. A couple
of decades back I worked in a computer store & saw many instances of a
pattern I found really irritating.

As customer comes in and asks about prices on various things, comes
back & buys a CPU from me because we have it a bit cheaper than
elsewhere. He gets the board across the street since they are cheaper
for that & RAM in a third shop. He goes home, puts it all together &
it does not work. So, then he comes back to me claiming the CPU is
dead. Our technician pulls it out, tests in another board & says it is
fine. Now he wants us to make it work in his board & gets upset when I
tell him "fine, but we'll charge for the technician time to do that."
He storms off to hassle the people who sold him the board.

Any of the stores where he got parts -- CPU, cooler, board & RAM --
would happily have sold him all four as an assembled & tested system
for not much more than he paid for his pile of parts. This would have
saved quite a bit of time for him & saved shop staff time &

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