On 01/08/2018 11:34 AM, cooloutac wrote:

Corsair has crap quality control,  and evil engineers.  EVGA on the other hand, 
 is the best quality in PSU's I've ever seen,  no matter the model.  I've also 
had cheap psu's not work properly with a ups,  but never the case with an evga 
psu.   I hate to sound like a shrill, but noone comes close to them in the psu 
market.  There is no comparison.
So I take it you purchase a large amount of hardware for an institution and thus have more than anecdotal evidence?

Or you have removed the PSU cover (DANGEROUS - DO NOT DO THIS) and examined the quality of components and quality of the assembly process?

On 01/08/2018 11:44 AM, cooloutac wrote:

I also would never buy corsair ram.  fk that company.  My fav brand is G.Skill.
Neither company makes or assembles RAM or power supplies - they are simply re-branders of OEM white label products.

Even companies like PNY with real factories (see their website, it is in new jersey america) are not really making "RAM" they are simply a pick and place operation that assembles PCB's - there are only a few manufacturers of memory chips in the world, those chips are then bought by companies who assemble PCB's.

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