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I read a bit more on M/B connectors and

has one EPS (8 pin) and one ATX (8 pin as well), so it's all good.

Taiidan, what GPU do you use? The board has only a VGA, which is OK for
setting it up, but I want to run a 1080p widescreen (one, for now, more
later. I have a GeForce GTX 760
around, would it work? It says required PCI-E 3 and the board has PCI-E 2
so probably not, but would be good to know.
Hmm curious is this your first time building a PC? :0 I thought you had
done this before? All PCI-e stuff is backwards and forwards compatible I
would get this all set up before you buy a newer GFX card - that one
will work fine for now.

I did build PCs before, but that was literarly a life time ago (early
2000's), and since then, I've been with laptops. I was aware of PCI-e
compatibility, but I did not know to what degree the difference in speed
might affect the GPU. Would a GTX 1080 work for instance?
There is no real difference between 3.0 and 2.0 even with 4K, Crossfire and the latest cards so having v2.0 is fine. As I have stated before nvidia is a bad company and you shouldn't buy from them, they do not support owner-control, actively hinder linux driver development and VM gaming.

Don't forget your board standoffs, and don't confuse the PCI-e power cables with EPS12V. Since it has been a long time you should brush up and watch some vids from reputable places, you gotta be careful considering how much $$$ you have spent :]
Hey when you get this let me know if you need any help setting up VM
gaming it is very difficult but very rewarding.
One gotcha I have noticed is NUMA alignment, each 16 core CPU contains
two NUMA nodes and performance will suffer greatly if things are not
properly aligned (gets tricker in VM's too)

I will definitely do that.
I eagerly await your gaming benchmarks, there are several triple A games out there that support 16 cores and you must try them.
I am not sure about TPM's I would call ASUS and ask for a board
compatible part number.

I might have to return the one I got then, it's a Gigabyte TPM module.
Like I said call and ask asus what model number you need for the board.

Ideally you could simply use whatever same-generation of TPM (board is v1.2 not v2.0) as it uses a simple LPC bus for communication but you might as well buy whatever asus tells you to so to avoid trouble. Coreboot devs tested with asus's infineon brand TPM.
I assume you have bought a TPM 2.0, if so that definitely won't work.
Newegg Links:
I can't view newegg links, you would have to find a OEM link to show me.
I would get a 1KW PSU from a reputable company, like I said dual EPS12V,
modular and japanese capacitors is what you want.

I got this one, https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-G3-1000-X1
I usually don't recommend evga as I don't like companies who sell both good and bad products (their lower end stuff is crappy) but that seems fine, good reviews japanese caps and a nice 10 year warranty.
Case Price - no more than $200 unless it includes nice front HDD hot
swap bays - Don't use the PSU that comes with the case.

Unfortunately, it ended up closer to 400. I got this one
http://www.norcotek.com/product/rpc-4220/ it was difficult finding EEB
cases. Depending on the noise it makes, there's a braket that I can switch
in it to change the 4 80mm fans with 3 120mm fans. In anycase, I wanted a
case that has wide support for boards (CEB, EEB, ATX and mini ATX) so later
on I can update the components and not have to reinvenst in the case.
Nice case, pricey but with an HBA or RAID card you can install all the drives you'll ever want.
It has good reviews that mention the high quality, good choice!
I would also get front drive bay HDD enclosures that have a fan
otherwise your drives will get hot inside the case and be a pain to

this one does not have a fan, I'll add a braket if I see a need, but I
think it'll be alright with the 6 fans it has.
Yeah you sure will, since the bays came with the case you won't need additional cooling as they have already taken care of that (with the assorted case fans)

Send me links, titles, prices and used/new status for the rest of the stuff you got and I can look it over.

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